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  1. Here in southern Ohio they are called Tobogans. That is toque or beanie, not the fish.
  2. 22 years for me 24 for the wife. Company shuts down ( bankrupt) every thing gone including pension. That was 14 years ago,gotta keep on truckin.
  3. Anyone ever talk to Gerrit? I was just curious how his trip to Big Gull Lake went.
  4. A fellow that always fished with our gang swore one evening he was out by him self off chimney island one evening and hooked a musky as long as the old metal boats they used to rent at bayview cabins. He never landed it but swore it was true. That was in the 60s Hey Gerrit ask them at Hyyatts about the guy that lost his pole in the narrows in 30 ft. Of water in 1993 and snagged it jigging in 2000.That was me.😃
  5. We fished the lake from the early 60s till 2006,in all that time I've heard of a few caught. I caught a small one as did a buddy. Used to catch decent pike 6lb or so on a regular basis,and bass 3-4 lbs. In the 60s the pike were bigger double digits on some. We always stayed at Bayview and in the later years Hiyats. I really like that lake and know it well.would love to go back but the fishing really went down hill in the mid to late 90s. The walleye was decent but nothing over 5 or 6 lbs for us. Lots of eaters, we always went in June and found most our walleye in the weeds in 10 to 12 ft. Of water.
  6. Thankyou all for your reply's, I'll certainly report if indeed we go there.
  7. Hello I was just curious if anyone has fished this lake and if you liked it.
  8. I remember seeing long legged rabbits near northbrook on Gull Lake in the early 70s. Jack rabbits I guess, they still around?
  9. Dad started taking us up to Gul in the early sixties big pike walleye and bass till the late 90,s then it seemed to go bad. Oh yes jumbo perch and big bull bluegills. I think we will try it again early or mid June. Thx for the info.
  10. Hello all, does anyone have any info on the fishing here. Was up in 2006 and the catching was less than poor. Thanks in advance.
  11. I hope things go well for Jen and all of you for that matter.
  12. Ron if I did that I'd probably cut some thing off I need. Bernie I did check for spark and saw none but with the short plug wire and pulling the cord by myself I'm not sure I kept it grounded I'll get my wife to help me next time unless there's a trick to doin it alone. Ironically this describes my luv life also.
  13. I've have a stihl 029 chainsaw that starts right up when you 1st use it but after lets say a half hour of cutting and I turn it off to refuel it wont start back up unless it sits for a long while. I cleaned the air filter,changed the plug and even sprayed starting fluid in the carb and nothing. I gave up on it last night but this morning on the 3rd pull took right off and ran good till I refueled and then the same thing. Any one have an idea what the problem could be. thx
  14. How bout a half ounce lead jig hung up 20 yards out that suddenly dislodges, flies out of the water like a bullet and hits you square between the eyes. That brought me to my knees. Right quick!
  15. I picked up the motor today and it turns out he had to replace the stator and the coil.I.m ready to fish now just $300.00 poorer. Thx to everyone who replied.
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