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  1. Opps sorry had messages coming through as i was trying to post. Sorry for the double post. :)
  2. Good afternoon Everyone We didn't have as many teams out this year. This was due to the water conditions and bad pre-fishing. The anglers that did come out braved the wind and waves. A thank you goes out to all the anglers who participated. We had 35 teams entered. Thanks to our great sponsors who help to make this event a success: Shimano Canada Dr Sinclair Eagle Claw Angling Outfitters Dixie Tackle A&H Drywall Gobles TSC Dawn Strom Waite's Printing A BIG thanks to our volunteers: Jonathan Hopper Jazmine Williamson Tyler Hopper The Live Release Boat Crew LPBAA BASS TOURNAMENT RANK Names Weight 1 TODD HATCH AND STEVE UNWIN 19.65 2 MIKE FRANKLIN AND TODD STROM 16.10 3 CHRIS LATTY AND JOHN GRATTON 15.66 4 GEORGE MOYER AND GORDON FINDLAY 15.46 Big Fish 5.21 5 PERRY AND KIM POIRIER 15.45 6 RICK DAMPHOUSE AND TODD MCBRIDE 15.38 7 JOHN AND JEN SHIELDS 15.35 8 SEAN HODGINS ROB EATON 14.76 9 BOB ZRUNA AND JOHN MALLOTT 14.29 10 DEB AND PETE CUCIUREAN 13.88 11 STEVE BLIZMAN AND MIKE DEVOS 13.20 12 DAVE AND ANGELA DUCKWORTH 12.85 13 DEREK THOMPSON AND JASON PERKINS 11.89 14 DARREN JACK AND SAM SWEETLAND 11.81 15 JACK AND TYLER BRADLEY 11.69 16 PERRY PIORER JR AND BRENT WAY 11.46 17 MATT MERLA AND SILVIO REA 10.98 18 DONNIE AND JASON ANDERSON 10.58 19 JASON HOPPER AND LARRY PORTER 10.39 20 DEREK BONNET AND SEAN GRONENDYK 10.21 21 GARY COWEN AND JEFF GIBSON 9.87 22 ARCHIE GRIM AND MARTIN GRIM 9.78 23 TIM JONES AND ALAN JONES 9.65 24 KURT SILVESTER AND ROB CHERUBIN 9.46 25 JOE WILLIAMSON AND CHRIS CORBETT 7.84 26 DOUG HOWE AND DAN HAMM 6.20 27 TROY HARREN and TIM FITZPATRICK 5.98 28 ROB CAMPBELL AND GREG EDWARDS 4.92 29 DANE LARAWAY AND SCOTT DIERICK - 29 PAUL SMITH AND MICKEY IORIO - 29 FRITZ BECK AND WAYNE ELTOM - 29 GEORGE WILLAMS AND ROB MCINTYRE - 29 RYAN AND JENN MEESTER - 29 ROB MCINTOSH AND RICK HENDRICKS 29 JOHN MISTRZAK AND JASON GILBERT
  3. Had a Fantastic Time on Saterday and was great to see some old faces.....and new ones.... I will be putting a article about the fish a thon in the L.P.B.A.A Baywatch edition in the fall....I have to say what a fantastic event and my hat goes off to everyone involved.
  4. nautifish


    Bears In Norfolk county. My link
  5. We will be there also operating the live release boat... I will be taking lots of photo's for the next Baywatch news letter. ')
  6. Very Nice reelin & yes i think i saw u there. There was allot of people which was great and the Locations was great too....
  7. My link I was just up in Algonquin last month . We stay at a place just outside Bancroft on Paudash lake and we love it they're it is beautiful. We will be heading they're again in Late September. It is a 40 minute drive to Algonquin but any where near the park you are going to pay. Unless u CAMP! You could also rent an RV that is another option. Anyway if you do not mind the 40 minute commute try the Sommerset inn Dave & Lori the Lodge owners are great people and they look after you....you have a choice of cottage, motel room or a room in the main Building. All rooms in the main building lead out to a beautiful Deck that over looks the lake.....They do not do breakfast! Coffe & tea is in the reception for u plus they keep soft drinks and bottled water for u in the fridge at no extra cost. How ever THEY do have rooms with Kitchenette. They're prices are great. And (Just for the Halibut) In Bancroft have the best fish N chips i have ever had in my life.
  8. One of over 320 Bass returned to long point bay Sunday. If you want to ensure that the voice of Long Point Bay anglers is always heard in discussions about the future of Lake Erie's sport fishery, please consider becoming a member of the Long Point Bay Anglers' Association. For an annual membership fee of only $20.00, you will receive a colourful LPBAA decal, membership card, subscription to our Baywatch newsletter published three times a year, and access to the members only section of our website, along with that, a significant discount on an annual membership in the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunter if you join through our Association. As an OFAH member, you will receive monthly issues of Ontario Out-of-Doors magazine, an OFAH decal and membership card, discounts on insurance and other items and $3 million in OFAH members' liability insurance. Please print the application form below and send it along with a cheque or money order to: 2 seconds ago · Like. Long Point Bay Anglers' Association Box 991, Simcoe, ON N3Y 5B3 Long Point Bay Angler’s Association Membership/Renewal Application 2012-13
  9. I Just recently lost a friend to Cancer 4 months ago we grew up together and known her most of my life. Lost two aunts to the Desease also...I will be there.
  10. A couple more...I took roughly around 400 photo's but i thought i would share a couple here
  11. lmao! I love that photo! Its great!...lol....
  12. Sunday 15th July 2012 the L.P.B.A.A Operated there live release boat for the T.B.B.A (Tri bay bass association Tournament Held in Turkey point they're were 71 teams entered and some beautiful big bass weighed in. Still waiting on final numbers and names....Anyway First i would like to say Thank you so much to those Gents & Ladies who kindly donated to our Donation box. It is very much appreciated. We are a non profit oganization as most of you are allready aware and we rely heavily on Donations,. Every single penny counts and makes a difference. Our purpose is to protect, Educate people and the future generations about conservation and live release. So that our Children there children & future Generations can enjoy our fantastic fisheries & the great out doors that we are so fortunate to have here in Canada. We are desperatley trying to raise funds of $2000 to make some very much needed repairs to the live release boat. This is the only live release boat in our erea plus we also travel to other tournaments outside of Norfolk county. We don't charge a fee which is why as i previously said! Donations are what we depend on. We will be reaching a mile stone next year. 25 years which in my oppinion is quiet an achievment. I am asking all my fellow fisherman & woman to please spread the word about what it is we do and any help anyone can offer us would be so much appreciated you truly have no idea. Be it Materials donations, sponsors anything! As i said every little bit makes a big difference. We are also looking for new members . I took this photograph today of Dave our Captain of the live release boat and also our president of the LPBAA John with one of the many beautiful bass that were safely returned back into the lake. This is only because of the Live release boat so please please we need your support . I have alot of photo's to sort through and will post a couple more so keep watching this space Thank you so much. Director & Editor. Tracy.
  13. A shot i took back in Feb 2012.
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