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  1. Really interested in the new Argo 1000. They have a factory in drumbo I believe. Looks nice and built in Ontario.
  2. Thanks for all the replies everyone! For the guys using the 20v dewalts is it the $130 one or the 400? Ixr I think it's called.
  3. He's ladies and gents I just bought the Sail brand 8" auger with drill adaptor, was wondering what's a good drill? been reading online and got hundreds of different opinions. It's a little overwhelming. have a older 18v dealt and also a 20v dewalt ion. What's your guys cordless set up?
  4. Was it a big pike? And ok maybe I will bring my reel to sail or natural sports. I have lots of cheap mono but need to buy the braid and flouro Carbon
  5. You and your bro hasn't got bitten off yet? I'm going to do PP braid for sure 20 pound test. Just un sure of the leader. The flouro is a maybe with jerkbaits but will be okay with spoons and size 5 memos spinners? Also do I put a bit of mono before I put braid? Just seems weird having 3 line on 1 spool. And lots of good replies and advice thanks a lot guys!
  6. And for when summer time hits you guys still keep flouro leader for the top waters? Buzz baits and wake baits?
  7. On 2500 reel with the max at 8pound mono, I could use 30 pound power pro braid which is same size as the 8 pound mono and have a foot of flouro ? And that would be okay for bass and pike?
  8. Thanks for the reply guys. As for thicker stuff. Is 30 pound flourocarbon think? Will it effect my jerkbaits? Pike won't chew through the 30pound test? Or even 20? And if I did tried flouro for a leader should I stick with mono as a main line or switch to power pro braid?
  9. Spring is around the corner and need to spool up my spinning reel. Usually I use 8 pound mono ( year round line ) and when fishing pike just add a steel leader. But when summer time comes there is also a lot of bass and don't want to risk my lures to the pike. I got a tip to use flourocarbon 30 pound test as a leader ?????? And to use 20-30pound power braid as a main line " cause it's same thickness as the 8 pound mono? Was wondering if you guys can help me out and what you guys think
  10. U prefer very loose line? I'm very new to carp fishing and so far caught 1 and lost 2 yesterday but I always kept my drag tight as possible so I can watch my line and rod tip. I always thought loose line id miss the bites or carp would detect my hook and line before I even know it?? I been just using a 6 foot and also a 6' 6" rods with 8 pound mono cause that's the max those reels hold. Just use basic split shots and a worm. And thanks for the reply beans
  11. Was wondering what is your to go carp rod set up? Looking to buy a new rodents reel for carp?
  12. Yes Gallie that's true! And thanks again guys. Probably going to try again this coming weekend. I hear there's a stage they don't eat . Is this true?? And when's best time of year to target them?
  13. Thanks guys! I was surprised on the size too! But glad to hear he will be fine. I read online that tests show they don't rust out... But I think that's more if the hook was swallowed ? I hear people say they hate going for carp but I think carp and suckers are too underrated ! Good fight and beautiful fish! Sorry for no pics. Next Time !
  14. I finally got the carp biting! While using corn and worms and looked like a day I was going to be fished out , I hooked a approximately 2-2 1/2 ft carp on the old worm with split shots. Couldn't get the weight in as I went to revive the fish a bit before I took the picture he rolled and snapped the line with hook still in his lip . Was a amazing fight! But I am worried about the chance of survival for the fish ?? Tiny little bronze hook stuck on his lip. Will he survive???
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