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  1. Snowball

    Gas prices

    Gas as high as $1 359/L in Thunder Bay Ontario
  2. Snowball

    road paint on car. Please advise

    Have a look at this:
  3. Try this list: http://www.allcanada.com/trip-planner/fishing/documents/All-Canada-Show-Packing-List-Fishing.pdf
  4. https://nipigonriver.com/nipigon-river-adventure-guidebook/
  5. Snowball

    NEW DRONE REGULATIONS....what a crock!

    I hear the government will be coming out with NEW rules this summer.
  6. Snowball

    Jack is a fine pilot! (NF)

    You did a fine job of flying that drone! Snowball
  7. Snowball

    NF Flies & bugs on truck grill

    Spray 9 Works like magic! Regards, Snowball
  8. Snowball

    jiggernault worm harnesses

    How to tie a crawler harness: http://www.walleyesinc.com/walleyeinc3/howtotie.html Regards, Snowball
  9. Snowball

    nipigon map

    Nice map! Thanks for posting. Good luck fishing! Regards, Snowball
  10. Snowball

    nipigon map

    Care to share the info ? Regards, Snowball
  11. Snowball

    Crown Land Use Policy Atlas - Question

    http://www.giscoeapp.lrc.gov.on.ca/CLUPA/Index.html?site=CLUPA&viewer=CLUPA&locale=en-US Regards, Snowball
  12. Snowball

    How do I clean cork handles?

    Check this out: Regards, Snowball
  13. Snowball

    Another Amber Alert tonight

    Got it in Thunder Bay. Regards, Snowball
  14. Snowball

    New Deadly Action is Coming from Rapala

    Found this on the internet. Regards, Snowball