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  1. I just sold a 2003 Lund 1800 SS Alaskan w 90hp Yamaha, decked out. The hull was like the day it came out of the factory...nothing loose, nothing leaked...and its been on Lake Erie and Lake St.Clair a lot. Amazing hull construction. The only drawback with the early-mid 2000's with Lund is they used CRAP for wood in the floors and transom. I replaced 2 of the floor sections where the seat bases bolted through, and replaced the transom. The wood wasnt sealed epoxied glassed, etc...so check carefully with a used one. Lund changed the materials mid-2000's and I think they are way better now.
  2. I used polyester waxed resin as thats what Heritage Marine told me to use..its what they make all of their transoms with...and it is waterproof..its used to waterproof wood. Epoxy has a stronger adhesive bond.
  3. Mine was way gone--I could see it flexing with the motor but didnt recognize it. I pulled the cap off the transom and could shove a 25 " sharpened metal rod all the way down...ouch!!! I love Lunds but man did they use crap wood in the early-mid 2000s. Ive also replaced some of the floors in my Alaskan...rotted where the seat bases bolt through. The wood there was just as untreated and rotten as the transom. I understand they're better now
  4. Its absolutely do-able. You're right with the engine though...it could be a bit much if you dont have the equipment to handle the weight. Taking the boat to a shop and having them remove and store the engine is a great idea. The rest is just time and labor which is do-able!!
  5. I did the transom on my 2004 Lund Alaskan 1800 a couple winters ago. Im lucky to have a large enough shop and a beam/chainfall to help with removal and installation. Heres the transom coming out..in one piece for a template. Can you believe how rotten it is?? Crap wood with no type of glassing or sealant Heres new marine grade 3/4" ply ready for the template 2 pieces glued and screwed together with PL construction adhesive to get 1 1/2" width Polyester resin 2 coats applied Then glassed lots of resin, ready to be trimmed lots of 4200 for everything transom in, waterproof sealant over the top 1/4, clamped to seal Splash well reinstalled, everything that was out reprimed sealed and painted Motor reinstalled, 4200 used on every bolt, screw, rivet The only blurp was I didnt calculate quite enough for the added thickness of my extra glass/resin job. It did fit snug, but will as others have said, out live/out last its owner.
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