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  1. Rest in peace bud.

  2. Rest in Peace....

  3. Rest in Peace Gary, you will be missed by all of us.

  4. I've had my Lowe 1605 for 12 years and like it as much today as I did when I traded for it. I run a Honda 50 and Honda 5 on Huron most of the time and don't have any desire to purchase a newer one. You should be very satisfied.
  5. Lots of suggestions on what to do with the "ticket" so I'll add mine. When I was working in the level control industry and we received a memo that was not to our liking we would roll it in a cone shape, put it in the senders in mail basket with a note reading "shove this where it best fits" I can understand where this guy is coming from but since he doesn't have the guts to put his name on it it probably is just a scare tactic.
  6. About a year ago I saw a few vehicles with Ontario plates towing trailers with boats behind them. I knew you could do it with a fifth wheel but upon checking with the OPP and the Ministry of Transportation was told it's illegal. Well had a camper leave the park today with a pop up and towing a trailer behind. Did some checking and found this on the Ministries website. Towing More Than One Vehicle Cars, passenger vans and SUVs are not permitted to tow more than one trailer or one vehicle. Motor homes, trucks, pickup trucks and truck campers are legally permitted to tow two trailers or a trailer and a motor vehicle behind a trailer. However, a three vehicle combination that is swaying excessively, is unstable or has reduced handling capabilities is subject to action by the police as an unsafe combination of vehicles under the Highway Traffic Act. The maximum length of any combination of vehicles is 23 m (75' 6"). Either the law has changed or one hand doesn't know what the other is doing.
  7. Do yourself and the dog a favour and as stated above have her micro chipped. Also contact Lucky Pet http://www.luckypet.com/ and she has tags with her name and all other info on file phone No. Give them a much better chance on being returned. When I got Dixie in July it's the first thing I did....great peace of mind.
  8. Legend packages are notoriously underpowered, that's one reason the sell for less money than others. Look at the rated HP on he plate and try to match it or at least 80% of the rating...you won't regret it; and yes if possible go 4 stroke. As far as Legend itself you will get different opinions just like Ford, Gm and Dodge. The best thing to do if possible is ask a couple of people that own them. Every manufacture, yes even Lund, has lemons the question is just who has the lowest ratio of them per manufactured product.
  9. The Marlin 444 would have stopped the bear especially at short range, although a heart, lung or head shot would be your best choice. Here is some info on the gun, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/.444_Marlin I'm glad you didn't have to use it.
  10. Probably a simple case of trying to prevent one thing from happening without giving thought to what could happen without using the blower to clear the engine compartment. Trolling with a kicker the has the ability to provide enough pressure ( air force ) to not allow the vents from the engine compartment to let fumes escape. I would be willing to bet that's what happened. Guy is lucky to be alive and / or not burned.
  11. I 100% agree with the above...in fact it's what I do my own servicing on my Honda 5, 9.9 and 50 Easy to do and the right amount of oil goes in. Remember when changing the filter you will add a a bit more oil than required if you don't change it. Just watch the dipstick and if you don't run it at the oil change check the stick after you finally run the motor.
  12. Our condolences on the death of your father.
  13. Have friend who was able to infultrate GCD's secret test grounds. Took the following ( sorry for the quality but security made it impossible to get a better picture ) ..he didn't get the bumper sticker on film either but told me it read "Lakair or Bust"
  14. 64 but kind of a personal question isn't it?
  15. I need to put a new set of Light truck tires on my vehicle. Spent about an hour getting different prices on a new set of Michelin's, BF Goodrich and Uniroyal ( both of the latter are now owned by Michelin ). All I can say is prices have sure gone up in a few years. Every dealer mentioned that as current stock becomes depleted, the new replacements will be more money ( just like everything else ) so if you need tires before fall/winter just a heads up on buying them sooner than later. For what it's worth I wound up with Michelins like I always do...love those 10 ply tires.
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