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  1. phew, thank goodness you let us know
  2. plan it together and use this tragic event to get rid of old grudges
  3. Brings me back to my childhood. Saddens me that I outgrew that.
  4. Hey Young_one, seeing as your just starting out I can offer you one of my older rods I no longer use. It is a 13'6 Raven IM6 which retails for around $200, shes your for $100 if you promise to treat her well.
  5. I dont think its worth the drive from Thunder bay??
  6. I wonder how many people thought of that reply but couldnt go through with posting it.
  7. Roy, I think you missed the meaning of the "old" boys club If that was an attempt at humour I apologize.
  8. chickenhawk please do as all a favour; stop playing experienced steelheader and SHUT UP
  9. those are among the worst steelhead pictures i've ever seen
  10. Will I still be eligable for an at cost TV?
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