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  1. Thanks to everyone for their insight and comments. Here's what I ended up with, worked like a charm. Didn't go full speed on it as had no need but went up to 3 of 5. Having the hand knobs to tighten made it much easier than playing around with a wrench/socket. Might add strips of rubber where the two pieces of wood clamp down on the gunwhale for added support. Even got into some brookies!
  2. Awesome thanks for the replies guys. I left it as is, when I tightened it seemed to be very secure. Giving it a shot this weekend
  3. Hi guys. Looking at different styles of building a motor mount for an electric trolling motor for canoe. Here's the style I'm looking for, but now wondering if with the thrust of the motor, wouldn't the mount just pop forward and off? Sure I can tighten significantly, but isn't that always a risk when setting up inside the gunwales? Has anyone tried this style setup and can give some feedback about it? Thanks
  4. Hey guys...heading to a cottage on Loon Lake in Proudfoot township (North or Kearney/East of Burk's Falls) for a few days. I'll have a couple mornings to head out on the canoe to jig for some lakers and whitefish. Found everything online that I can on the lake but not much out there. It's connected by a narrows to a Grass Lake. Has anyone ever fished either of these lakes?
  5. Thanks for the feedback guys. Canuck, good point about trying to attract/catch attention of fish rather than solely just trying to match baitfish patterns Seems like the glow is something to include in the arsenal when heading out. I'll pick up a couple to put in the tackle box and see what happens with them.
  6. Hey guys....curious about your experience with spoons (or other lures) that glow in the dark for deeper species (lake trout, whitefish, burbot etc.). I'm just getting in to fishing for these deeper species and always saw these lures as a bit of a marketing thing. Baitfish don't glow in the dark so why would a Laker go after a glow in the dark spoon? A buddy of mine swears by them, but aside from that I haven't heard much else either way. Would love to hear some feedback.
  7. I've gone with both, electric and gas in the past. Both have their pro's and cons. For the electric, go with what Joeytier said....I have mine in a battery case, as well as extra long cables for front canoe placement of battery. In terms of the actual side mount, it was very simple. Will take you a few minutes and cost very little. The canoe at the moment is buried under the deck but for now take a look at this video, I basically followed this but I used 2x4 for all pieces. Has held up really well for over 5 years now.
  8. Devastating effects to trout lakes for sure. There's an area near Bracebridge/Huntsville that used to be very trout friendly, now they're all filled with bass. Stocking has stopped in a few Muskoka Lakes and Haliburton area recently for the same reason.
  9. Might be too late for this now but some nice pike are caught in and around Lake O piers after ice out
  10. Great read, great study. Nice to see some intensive studies done in this sort of area (and 22 years worth of data set is impressive). The general findings don't seem all that surprising but I had no clue that the numbers were this high. End of June opener in the south is great to help with the harvesting impact but problem lies that other cohabiting species (perch, crappie, pike) are open during this crucial nesting period. I went out last weekend and trolled for some pike...first 200 metre stretch (max) and 3 smallmouth caught...went deep to try whities instead to avoid catching these males. Then you also get the "hey I'm just pike fishing" guys that catch bass after bass after bass, snap pics etc. I get that it's fun but knowing the impact it has to the populations would, hopefully, end that practice. Curious...how come bass is open all year in the Northern Zones? Are they seen as a non-native species?
  11. Hey Guys...this spring I purchased a Bayliner 175....not exactly the fishing boat I hoped for when I started saving for it but during the "saving" phase I went from being single to now having wife and 2 young kids so the needs of the boat changed with time. This is a bit more family friendly. However, I'm going to make the best of the situation and try to make it fishing friendly as well. I've always been a big canoe/portage fisherman, but time for that is long gone for now. I've got a portable downrigger setup (flush mount rod holders, with gimbal mount for the downriggers)...I think I'm all set to go to tackle some Lake Trout, Whitefish, and Pike. The fish finder is on the weaker side (or I am not good at reading it yet), but hoping to upgrade next year, so I'll have to make due for now. Trolling speed is at 3.2-3.6 mph so I've got a couple home depot buckets going off the sides to slow things down a bit to around 2.5ish. I'm trying to stick to Kempenfelt and learn it as best as I can since it's close to marina where the boat is. Since every lake is a different beast, I was hoping I might get some expertise from someone that knows Lake Simcoe. I've searched throughout the board and elsewhere on the internet and gained a significant amount of info in general. However, I still have a few specific questions... 1. Any suggested lures/colours that Simcoe seems to like? I've got a few things I'm excited to try (Williams whitefish, flatfish in blue/silver, Mepps syclopes blue/silver, Coyote 5.0). Trying to keep to silver's with greens/blues to match whitefish/cisco colours. 2. Kempenfelt is deep. Shallow ledge on shore then a pretty steep drop off. Would you suggest fishing deeper flats (e.g. in the 70-100 ft range) or fishing the steep drop offs in that 70-100 range? I've added a hydropgrpahic map to show an example of what I mean..."A" would be steep drop off...."B" would be flats. 3. Pike...haven't found much info online with regards to the Kempenfelt pike habitat. It'll take some time to find deeper weed areas so I'm planning to start trolling 20-40 foot range on the north shore of Kemp closer to the opening into main lake. Hoping to find some sort of pattern eventually...main concern is that 20-40 range would see a steep slope the entire way along that north shore (very few flats in that range that I can see) and not sure that's where the pike would hold. Kemp must have a healthy pike population (maybe not like Cook's or the east side) but can't seem to find any really interesting spot using hydrographic maps. 4. If anyone is willing to take a passionate and experienced angler, but green Lake Simcoe angler to show the ropes I'd be forever in your debt....gas and Timmy's on me of course. Thanks for any discussion this may brew up.
  12. Hi everyone. A 1 week window opened up for my wife and myself to get out for a fishing trip. It's been 2 years since our last trip due to our first addition to our family last year (in-law's will be watching the boy for the week to give us this opportunity). Usually we take the canoe to the Nakina area and rough it for 10-14 days, but we are thinking of staying closer to home (Barrie) and sleeping on a bed rather than a sleeping pad in a tent. I have fished the Gogama area extensively and want to try something else, and was intrigued by the Temiscaming area or even in to Southwestern Quebec as I have never been. One lodge in particular stuck out to me in terms of what we are looking for (drive-in, remote, ability to access multiple remote lakes for day trips with canoe/motor boat). Opimika Wilderness Camps and Cottages. I haven't seen much in terms of info or reviews aside from their actual website and Facebook, and a couple quick posts in these forums, so was hoping to get some information from the board if anyone has been there or has heard about it. Any info would be greatly appreciated, or even general comments on the fishing in the area or specific lodges that anyone has been to in the Temiscaming/Southwestern Quebec area. Thanks
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