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  1. i too just seen this n am at a loss for words,iam very sorry to hear this,my thoughts n prayers are with you n yours......
  2. well folks i called my buddy friday morn to see if he was packed up and ready to head north for the bass opener and meet the other lads we were fishing with,when he told me he was sick,and that he left work at 3am to come home,cause it was comming out both ends lol lol he wanted to go but it was not gonna happen....something he ate he said,so i never wet a line all week-end lol,he did tell me to go ahead but i decided to pass and taker easy at home i hope you all had a great day and some of the posts i read looks like yas did.... taker easy and stay dry Hawg Hunter
  3. just think of the fun we could have if we all hooked up for a fish,good luck to all and catch your limit but limit your catch.... stay dry out there Hawg Hunter
  4. Hawg Hunter... well i was called that 31 years ago cause i always loved to fish the Big Hawgs, Hawg
  5. sure sounds like the openers gonna be full of adventure for many,i hope you all enjoy a great and safe day and don't forget your Buzz Baits lol Hawg Hunter
  6. well folks im like a kid at christmas with the count down to the Bass opener only 10 days away in my area anyway,im heading north of Bon Echo to fish 4/5 lakes with 14 other lads,can't wait .. so where you all heading for the opener of Bass season. Hawg Hunter
  7. the eyes have been hitting well i think!, were catching on average 8-12 in the morn and the same at night good range of weights between 2-12 1/2 lbs. she was a no go this morn.....burrrrr - 28.. Hawg Hunter
  8. by the replies i feel i missed meeting a great man and friend to many please accept my condolences
  9. i myself would not buy anything to do with heating your feet all it does is cause moisture in the boot makeing your foot freeze later,good pair of 2000 gram thinsulate boots will take care of cold feet. just my 7 cents lol
  10. i fished 30 years without a flasher here on Quinte but never really needed one,i bought a hummingbird last year(ice 45) no idea how i caught all those fish before lol crappies are a hard fish ta find,atleast when i tried a few years ago. pick yourself up a hand auger and keep moving im sure you'll locate some,although if you did by a flasher i bet you would go more than 2-3 times a year.... good luck Hawg Hunter
  11. COME FISH THE FAMOUS BAY OF QUINTE Hello all our ice fishing season will be here before ya know it and along with guideing we will be renting huts again our hut rentals are $150.00 a day for 2 people,we run Rover 2 1/2 man portables so we can move around if need be,this includes heat/ride out & back and extra holes if needed,our huts are moved every day(unless the eyes are still on the bite) TAKER EASY AND STAY SAFE Hawg Hunter pm me here and ill get back to you
  12. had the right eye done last march and the left eye done in april Hawg Hunter
  13. thanks Woodsman still don't know this computer stuff lol Hawg Hunter
  14. check out gofishontario.com they woul know its a simcoe site pretty much hope it was ok ta post this Hawg Hunter
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