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  1. Thanks for the advice, I will be extremely careful and have an acurate wind app. I plan to crawl up the southwest side and fish shoals and islands. Hopefully mother nature will be nice to me but I'm nt counting on it this year. Thanks again
  2. Decided to book a lodge for a week coming this Saturday in the South end of lake Nippissing. Does anyone have experience fishing the south end for Muskies? Should I boat up to the french? Bait suggestions? This is my first time out on the lake and will be alone, I would be gratefull for any tips, suggestions on structure etc. Thanks in advance Dave P.S I will be in a 16' Princecraft console with a 60 HP and current Navionics
  3. I love reports of all sorts. Great people catching great fish and then making my day brighter by spending their time so sum it all up. I applaud all members who contribute to this great community. In short though I love a long report with pics or vids and also a story line. Thanks all....
  4. I am looking for tips on fishing vacation spots on waters that hold muskies. I will probably be solo (unless someone wants to join) and bring my boat 16' console with a 60 HP. which will need to be plugged in nightly to charge the trolling motor. I am hoping to catch at least a few Muskie with the potential for some size while I'm there and have little interest in other fish (perhaps a couple of walleye for eats). Willing to travel but not too far, maybe four to 8 hour drive from the GTA. I am open to cottages or lodges and wouldn't mind having meals cooked where possible. As for budget I'm looking to spend around $1500- $2000 for 10 days (August 4 till 14th to be exact) but would spend a little more if necessary. I love the Kawarthas but also wouldn't mind a change as I fish there on a regular basis. I have all fishing supplies needed for myself and a couple of others if needed. I was kind of forced to book ahead of time and that's why I'm scrambling for Ideas. Thanks in advance for your thoughts, as mentioned I would trailer my own boat so nightly docking with power is essential. Cheers, Dave
  5. Welcome aboard, thanks for the intro.
  6. New boat gotta rig her up. Add trolling motor, console and bow sonar, install battery charger. Hopefully on the water all weekend, some Kawartha lake.
  7. Welcome Chad, Thanks for your efforts
  8. Came to my door three times claiming I didn't fill out census, threatened me as I laughed finally showing my copy. Asked me to resend in which I replied cant trust the mail system any more then door to door man. No more visits, imagine that
  9. I've heard the same, not sure on release date but from reputable source
  10. Amazing camera, waterproof out of box, very stable footage and voice controlled. Got mine this fall Merry Christmas
  11. Based on your experience I will no longer shop there, spread the word........
  12. Welcome aboard, great folk here. Good luck in your hunt.
  13. Great family fishing and how's that weather for November, thanks for the report,
  14. I have the Revo Toro NACL and the Calcutta D, both good reels but will be buying the Tranx or Beast next year as they make chucking the 10's or even 12's a breeze.
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