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  1. If your just getting a one year license & not an Outdoors Card at the same time you will not get a stricker no matter where you buy it.

    You have to carry the print out for the year. A yellow tag from a license issuer or a computer printout if you do it on line.


    Wait a minute, are you suggesting that I have to carry my printed piece of 8 1/2 by 11 around with me in a ziplock all year?

  2. Mike,


    You have to understand that every tackle company gets hit up at least once a week by some guy asking them to sponsor their event, or them personally. Bigger companies like Shimano and Rapala get hit so hard they actually have to pay someone a full time salary to just read through all the requests - I mean thousands of them every year. There's only so much money to go around, so you have to tell them why they should support your event. What's in it for them? If they give you money or free stuff, what do they get in return? How does it make good business sense for them to support your group?


    If you can't answer those questions, you're dead in the water.


    Think it over - carefully - and put together a solid proposal that tells the company who you are, what your event is all about, why its important, how many people it can influence, and why they should care. Tell them what you want, and then tell them what they get In return. Remember the 5 Ws you would have learned in high school English class? That's who, what, when, when and why ... your pitch should answer them all. It's really as simple as that.


    Most companies will want a 10:1 return on investment. So if they give you $100 worth of stuff, they will expect a minimum of $1,000 in value from you in return. That's the going rate. Exposure is nice, but lets face it, more people have heard of Rapala than have ever heard of your tournament. They already have more exposure than you can provide. So you should think about what they have that doesn't get exposure. Is it a specific product that's particularly suited to your event? Or do you instead approach the company through their local dealer, who probably can use the extra exposure. That's how the tournament guys get their boats and motors ... It's usually through the local dealer. Why do you think even big name US guys like Hank Parker and Tommy Manns have some marina decal on the side of their boat? It's all part of the deal.


    Figure out who can use the exposure, then show them how sponsoring your event can help them sell more stuff. At the end of that day, that's what it's all about.


    Oh yeah, one more thing. Personal connections don't mean squat.This is business. Your talking about getting a chunk of some company's promo budget. Spending company money on "personal connections" is a good way for a guy to get fired. There has to be a solid business case, regardless of who you know.


    Good luck.


    That is the answer that you were looking for right there.


    Just a note - when I suggested personal connections might help it certainly wasn't to say that it would influence the decision. It can (and often does, in any type of business) get your proposal into the hands of the person who needs to read it.

  3. Interesting, for sure but not for me.


    Anyone who has fished with me knows that I would last about 3 minutes at an event like that. I get fishing ADD even when I'm standing in a run full of fresh chromers, I literally can't stand in one place for more than 20 minutes even when it's one after another.

  4. Doesn't help when Alberta is dumping oil sand crude into the states at $35-$40 because nobody wants it? What the hell? Then they mark it up as if we are paying market price. Why don't our refiners buy it for that and sell it to us at 60 cents a litre. Whole lot of bullcrap going on.

    If it made sense economically, we'd be doing it.


    Oil refining is low margin, extraordinarily high capital cost, and super volatile. There's a reason we haven't built a refinery in a long time...


    We ARE paying market price, plus lots of happy-fun taxes that were mentioned earlier. When you factor in the negative externalities of oil production/use we're actually paying less than what would be socially optimal.


    It's easy to get annoyed at high gas prices, but compared to many places in the world I'll pay our price (and taxes) every time.

  5. Two different issues.


    1. The stigma associated with eating drum.


    2. The stigma associated with eating fish from a particular lake.


    I also mentioned the time of year because some fish from some bodies of water tend to taste different depending on the season.


    I've found fish from cold water seem to taste better almost all the time.


    I also enjoy the odd (very odd) great lakes trout without issue, tastes fantastic if it's the right size.


    I imagine if someone served up a plate of drum I wouldn't turn it down, but I don't think I'd go through the work of catching/cleaning/cooking for a fish that I've heard tastes fairly bland.

  6. I'm far from being an economist. I work everyday to support my family, I don't spend more than I make . . . But our government takes the liberty of shipping our oil to other nations only to buy it back at higher price, does this make sense?

    Depends which kind of sense you're talking about. I'm also not sure its quite that cut and dry.


    Does it make sense to you and I? Nope, not likely. This causes a higher price at the pump for Canadians and that sucks.


    Does it make sense in the scope of international trade/economics?


    Without getting into it (and I'm far from being an expert but I do understand the basics) in many ways yes it does. We don't at this point have the capacity to refine the amount of oil we produce, and the U.S is our largest customer when it comes to oil (and many other things).

  7. The way the price of a barrel climbs and falls makes me thing the war is squarely aimed at us. Anything over $ 00. 60 a litre doesn't make any sense to me.

    It costs close to $40/barrel just to extract the raw stuff from Alberta's oil sands. Now add to the the cost to ship it to a refinery (often a US refiner) refine it into something useful, ship it back, put it on a truck, drive the truck to the gas station, fill up the tank and make sure everybody in between makes a buck or two.


    Makes me wonder how it doesn't cost MORE than it does

  8. I have no experience in landing company sponsors for fishing tournaments, so I'm guessing here but...


    Big tackle companies have their pick when it comes to sponsorship opportunities, they are likely getting knocks on the door every day.


    If I'm Rapala or Shimano or whoever, I want to sponsor the tourney that's going to benefit ME the most. Could be audience, exposure, radio air time, local TV spot who knows?

  9. The price of gas at the pump is high for a whack of reasons, but there are two big ones staring us right in the face:


    1. Gasoline is demand inelastic in the short term. If the price goes up 15 cents a litre for the next 3 months most of us are going to keep buying the same amount.


    2. TAXES - in Ontario we pay somewhere in the neighbourhood of 36 cents/litre in taxes. When you consider the final price hovers around $1.20/litre that's a serious amount of tax.


    I'm in Peterborough most weekends, so I try my best to fill up when I'm there. Gas is consistently 7-10 cents/litre cheaper than in the GTA and Guelph, where I spend the rest of the week.

  10. Yup, cash grab unfortunately.


    If you spend any time at all on the Kawartha's its easy to see that most people driving a boat have a hard time figuring out which way is forward.

    I took a course when I did mine, the course was well presented and I LEARNED the material. Not that I needed it when it was test time, but hey at least I know a couple things about boating.

  11. Ordered mine online on the 15th of january. Called in last Friday and I was told I'd have it in 3 weeks. Trouble is I don't have the print out and they can't send it to you again.. So technically I've been fishing without a licence. I was told that I could get fined for fishing without one and the person on the phone recommended I make my way to Queens Park and pay the $10.50 for a temporary one. Nuts to that!!


    Still waiting... Going to have to bite it and get the temporary for our upcoming trip to Cochrane.. Am I the only one or does this sound totally bogus?!

    Sounds like crap to me.


    I'm sure the system is kinda buggered because it's new, but it should be pretty simple if you ask me.

  12. I'm still waiting for my 2013 licence. Renewed in December, and I've been carrying the print out ever since.


    I understand that it's expired, but I would fight any charge based on the fact that they haven't sent me the dang thing yet.


    Anyone else in the same boat?


    I guess I'll start annoying someone at the MNR now.

  13. That happened to me recently with my "internet card". I highly recommend that everyone have a low limit card to use for their internet purchases. Mine has a $500 limit and it cannot be increased.


    The only other times I have had issues is with Esso gas stations. At least, that was my best guess where it happened since more than one of my cards were "almost" compromised and that was the only place I used them. Somehow the CC and bank figured it out and changed them before anything happened.

    I use an "internet card" as well, can't be too careful.


    I had my info swiped at a shady gas station last year, was out about $500 before my bank figured it out but they refunded all the $ no questions.

  14. Check out your local Princess Auto - I was browsing today looking for supplies to build a power rod wrapper and I came across a whole section of the things.


    Depending on the type you want (size, rubber grip, straight or curved etc) they are going anywhere from $1 to $6 bucks each.


    Much less than the tackle shop version of the same thing...

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