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  1. Got a little distracted with some personal stuff this week, but such is life.


    Let's carry this thread on with a rod I did back in the spring (winter?) for an OFNer Christopher.


    Chris came to me with a vision - he wanted a spey rod to take out West on a trip he had planned, that would also be useful for fishing his home water like the Credit.


    The budget was... lets say challenging. But who doesn't like a good challenge now and then!


    After quite a bit of back and forthing, we settled on a blank (8wt, 14') and the components were ordered.


    Colour scheme was to be charcoal grey blank, neon green accents (I dubbed this project the "Nuclear Spey")


    There were some challenges:


    Challenge Numero Uno - the blank showed up, and it was deep red. Oops, that isn't right. Turns out the supplier changed the colour of the finish and didn't update the website :wallbash:


    Solution Numero Uno - Strip the blank. What? Strip the finish on a brand new blank? Yup. Knowing full well I was voiding the warranty I stripped that sucker down the the gorgeous raw graphite underneath, and promised Chris I would back the 1 year factory warranty myself.


    Challenge Numero Dos - Nuclear green wraps on a black blank. Nothing to test your skills like the ultimate contrast! I'm somewhat of a perfectionist, so after much wrapping and rewrapping I solved this one as well.


    Finally, Pictures:















    And what did I learn from this build?


    Never, ever, ever agree to strip the factory finish on a blank again. What a massive undertaking. I'm sure it could be done quickly, but it's also dead easy to knick the graphite and have the thing blow up on the first cast...




    Next up is a 4wt fly rod that I built for a customer who vanished midway through the build.


    The bonus? I have a sweet little 4wt in my personal collection now...

  2. The props are well deserved Bud, I wouldn't have said so if it weren't so.


    I've been wanting to get up some pictures of recent work and since you're asking to see them here I'll add some to keep a good thread going.

    Thanks for allowing me to piggyback on your post and great work.


    I won't elaborate too much but it is all recent and why I've been mostly absent.


    The reel seat I did with T&T hardware for a T&T spey conversion using Birds Eye Maple..




    The finished rod showing wraps and feather inlays.....



    Another T&T conversion....
    A couple of recent 4 axis chevrons.
    The one above in blue was built to compliment a beautiful RSG custom reel with matching wood.
    I could go on but I'll end it with one more picture of some recent reel seat work with a new to me finish (CA).




    It's nice to see when things come full circle. Brady is indeed a talented angler and by the looks of it a talented rod builder as well. This truly is a gifted community. And am proud to be part of it.



    I've seen most of what Spiel have posted...the pics don't do justice to them....I'm sure Brady's is the same way. I really like the rear wood grip on the first rod that Brady posted.


    As always, awesome work!


    Love the finish on those reel seats - I use the same finish on fly barrel seats, but haven't used it too much on the contoured seats. Might give it a whirl on the next batch.


    Fantastic workmanship from beginning to end Brady, and to have Speils stamp of approval, life doesnt get any better then that.


    Thanks - I agree!


    Very nice! What do you use for stabailizing? I've looked into a process to stabilize knife handles but never got around to it.

    Have you used desert ironwood burl at all? I have a few knives in it and it makes a great durable wood.


    Without getting into too much detail its a vacuum process and the actual stabilizing material changes depending on the wood and desired outcome.


    I haven't come across that wood before but will keep my eyes open for sure

  3. Well done my young friend, you've much to be proud of there. :clapping:


    I've been wanting to get a post up for weeks of some work but I just can't seem to find the time, hopefully soon.


    A great compliment coming from you - thanks!


    Add some pictures into this post, would be great to see a bunch of builders different styles.



    Beautiful! Love the bird's eye maple!


    Thanks - I wasn't sure until I stabilized it with a very slight dye, and turned it down that it was the right choice. Has a look similar to the golden amboyna but more subdued.


    The ability to stabilize my own woods had changed the game for me, what used to cost $50 for one or two rods worth now costs about $5 and the selection is endless.


    Nice stuff man.


    Can you provide any info on the reel manufacturer? I'm looking for a new reel and good quality at a reasonable price gets my interest.


    The manufacturer is called Risen Fly.


    Website is here: http://www.risenfly.com/


    If you want to PM me, I'd be more than happy to save you a few bucks and bring a reel in for you in my next order.





  4. Thanks for the plug there Chris.


    That rod was an adventure to build, that's for sure.


    I learned a few things...


    1. I will NEVER, EVER, EVER, strip the factory colour off a blank again. Man that was a pain in my A**


    2. Nuclear green is very difficult to tie over a black blank. Every small imperfection in wrapping is multiplied. Wrap, rewrap, and rewrap again until it's done right.


    3. Wear sunglasses when building a rod for Chris, that thing is BRIGHT!


    Glad it worked well for you bud.

  5. Can't seem to find the shots of the dropshot rig, will work on that one.


    Instead, here's a few that are in process -


    I was lucky enough to come across two early 1990's Fenwick glass fly blanks in the spring. A 5wt and a 6wt, both 7'6".


    I was even more lucky when they were brand new in original packaging, and available for the price of $10 each!


    I don't have great quality pictures of these ones just yet, but I'll get some better ones tonight.


    The 5wt is finished:





    Matching Handles in process:




    Test wraps on the 5wt - notice the guides are from the same vintage, picked up a lifetime supply of those at the same place I found the blanks!






    Test Wraps on the 6wt:



  6. Stick #2


    Built this one in July for a fishing buddy. He's always on the road for work and it presents him some unique fishing opportunities - in this case Atlantic Salmon on the East Coast.


    This rod doesn't fit my personal style - too flashy for me but it isn't my rod, and it's exactly my buddy wanted so I built it to spec.


    Blank: Batson XF909 - RX8 9', 9wt Fly

    Guides: Batson XLXNZG & XSNG in shiny gunsmoke

    Hardware: Batson RA8L2SKC Shiny Gunsmoke

    Wood Accents: Custom stabilized and turned Golden Amboyna









    I've also linked up with a small fly reel manufacturer who is building some of the best quality reels I've ever used, at prices that are VERY fair. This particular rod went out matched with a reel:





  7. Hey OFC,


    It's been a while!


    I'm still reading the forums, but haven't been posting too much.


    I have however been busy adding to my already ridiculous collection of custom rods, as well as turning out a few here and there for others.


    It might take a while, but I'm going to start uploading pictures to this thread of the last 5 or 6 builds. If there's interest I'll keep posting!


    It would be great if any other builders out there wanted to share some pictures & stories as well, so feel free to chime in.


    First up:


    Blank: Batson Enterprises RX7 Switch 10'6" 8wt

    Guides: ATC Titanium frame w/Zirconium Ring

    Accent Wood: Custom Stabilized & Turned Birdseye Maple

    Hardware: Batson 8.5 Shiny Gunsmoke


    The wood came out the stabilizer looking like this:




    After some convincing, it turned into this:




    And the finished product...











    On deck is a 9', 9wt, electric blue theme Atlantic Salmon stick for a fishing buddy!




  8. What's more important is the length of the lead under the float. See it all the time on the Gbay tribs - 3 to 5 foot deep sweeping runs, and 5 idiots flossing with 10-12 foot leads. The sinking effect of the bead lets people "creatively" place shot to get the lead to lay across the run, the hookups look legit, and the fish get a nice flossing.


    These aren't your tuna stick steelheaders either, these are your Simms army, Kingpin toting, "real" steelheaders...

  9. It's the show-off factor - nothing else.


    I haven't read the whole thread, but I can guess that all the bases were covered.


    I understand to a point, in that I used to like showing off shiny silver steelhead as much as the next guy. That said, I always tried to hide locations out of simple logic - if I tell everyone where I was, I won't be alone tomorrow.


    Some of the gbay tribs have seen an absolute explosion of traffic over the past 3 years, and it is directly attributable to sites like NPS and Facebook heros.


    Public shaming has worked well with the kids (yikes, did I say kids? It seems like only a few days ago I was a 16 year old steelhead hero...) around here.


    It's unfortunate that some tackle companies (one in particular) feel the need to string along a whole whack of young anglers with promises of free gear and "prostaff" titles if they blast hero reports every which way.

  10. Kemper...seems like they don't want business! I can't find any info either on them. Hopefully someone here has some inside knowledge. I even stumbled across ones that have had name changes, but Little's doesn't come up for any of those either. Good luck!


    I called the resort next door, and they had all the information I needed about Little's.


    The guy said he gets calls all the time asking about the marina! Pine Vista is the resort, and they are completely separate from Little's.

  11. Found this on another messageboard Kemper...hope it helps!


    "It's a little hard describing how to get to Little's Marina. It's tucked away a bit. Go to Gilchrist Bay which is on the south side of Lower Stony Lake. Its quite a long bay that runs south. At the bottom of the bay on the left is the Wildfire golf course. At the bottom of the bay on the right side are a couple of channels leading into Little's marine."


    Thanks Cliff.


    I know the location of the marina and that area of the lake well, I've spent quite a bit of time at Pine Vista resort which is right beside the marina (shares a driveway).


    I have never actually used the marina though, so I'm not sure about access or rates.


    If someone has a phone number that would be great too, I will call them myself.

  12. Hey OFC,


    Heading to Stoney for opener tomorrow, looking to launch out of Little's Marina (next to Pine Vista Resort, Gilchrist Bay).


    They don't seem to exist online, and I can't even find a phone # to call the marina at.


    Wondering when they open, how much parking costs, if I need cash or not, etc. etc.


    Any info is appreciated, I'd like to launch just before dawn but have no idea if they will have the gates open (if there is even gates...)



  13. If you're just fishing the surf, bring a med action spinning outfit and a few jigs. Tip them with half a shrimp and hold on.


    I was thinking about that, but I don't have a 4 piece spinning set-up.


    My 8 weight breaks down and fits nicely in my suitcase...

  14. Hey OFC,


    Heading to Cuba for a week of R and R next week - will be staying at the Iberostar Playa Alameda.


    I was thinking I'd bring my 8wt fly rod along and toss some flies into the surf while I was there. Anyone with experience say yay or nay?





  15. The rod bond is great. If you don't want to wait for that or pay for shipping head over to Canadian Tire and pick up some 40-minute 2 part epoxy. Works like a charm, I've never had anything come loose using either method.


    Make sure you remember to scuff the finish on the blank where the handle will be!

  16. My (biased) advice would be to cut your losses and go to an islander or something similar.


    Every single Okuma product I have ever owned has spontaneously combusted.


    Float rod (blammo)

    Bait caster (boom three times)

    Ultra lite (snap)

    Spinning reel (crumble)


    I'm not hard on my gear, and I take care of it properly.


    I will never, ever, ever, consider buying a single thing form Okuma again.

  17. Hey guys,


    While my knowledge of river regs is excellent, I'm struggling with the Kawartha area. Looking to get out for some panfish and I'm in Peterborough for a while. There is a back bay off the Ottonabee that I like the looks of.


    As far as I can tell it is open, because the sanctuary begins south of Lock 19 which is below Little Lake correct?


    Thanks for any help.

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