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  1. I have a couple, bought one before and was impressed by it but it doesnt float, so ive attached a floaty key fob to it. bought it amazon and you can get them fairly cheap like $6. but you may have to wait a month for it
  2. going to try out Bear Creek, I'll let you know how we do
  3. looking for some experiences from outfitters on the Nip, want the best bang for my buck
  4. Seen them at Peterborough cycle salvage for $99.
  5. Thats cool, and right in time for Christmas!
  6. Ah! the elusive summer brookies. Sounds like a good time trying and you got to test your new canoe, what could be better. Nice report
  7. Awesome trip, wish I could do it all over again. Well written Chris, just relived that whole week
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