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  1. Why do I fish for musky. Gas, gear, and ego always takes hit.

  2. So its been one year to the date since my career change. Couldnt be happier.

  3. Just finished putting together my new table saw. Instructions may as well been in arabic.

    1. wkrp


      Did you buy it at Ikea?

    2. LostAnotherOne


      Its Mastercraft, but I know what you mean lol

  4. Sold the house. Took a huge loss, but it beats being sued.

    1. Big Cliff

      Big Cliff

      One step backwards, two steps forward!

    2. LostAnotherOne


      Thanks Cliff. Needed that

  5. Need to know when Nipissing closed for ice fishing last year. Want to book vacation for a few nights on the ice. Thanks

    1. Fisherman


      Same time every year

  6. Another lesson learned today with my first boat.

    1. irishfield


      Leaks if you forget the drain plug?


    2. misfish


      Didnt remove the transom saver,or the tie downs?

    3. LostAnotherOne
  7. Bought a $25 Bulldog today and lost it on second cast haha

    1. misfish


      LostAnotherOne eh. ThatSucks

    2. LostAnotherOne


      Everything went well with new boat so that's at least a plus

  8. The best thing about being short is every fish I hold up looks that much bigger

    1. misfish


      Welcome to the club of big fish.LOL

  9. Advice. When launching boat do you or don't you disconnect the electrical?

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. 206


      Only when i remember to....Move to LED this year tired of replacing bulbs.


    3. Fisherpete


      I've never unplugged mine, but on my last two trips I have popped two bulbs... going to switch to LED.

    4. moxie


      For the time it takes to unplug, why not?

  10. New season of Wicked Tuna starts Wednesday guys

  11. Advice! Should I tape drywall seams first then compound or compund first then tape?

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. HTHM


      Mesh tape, Durabond 90, finish with compound.

    3. farsider


      Unless you have taped before, I wouldn't suggest Durabond. It is hard to sand if you leave too much. Use Sheetrock 90 for the first coat instead.

    4. DaveRoach


      Fiber tape sheetrock 90 then cgc purple dust control(2 coats)

  12. Cyril Chauquet(fishing adventurer show guy) has new show called Wild Catch. It's on at 10pm on the cottage channel.

    1. LostAnotherOne


      It's on Mondays. Forgot to mention that lol

  13. Was planning on buying U2 tickets for my women and I. Two tickets in Upper Bowel costs $686. They get none

    1. Joey


      Wow, that's crazy!!!


    2. Spiel


      Insane! I've seen better bands from much closer for far less.


    3. HTHM


      They sound like crappy seats anyways...

  14. Am I finally gonna cross paths with a 50" plus muskie Saturday. Hopefully

  15. Muskie fishing Upper Niagara tomorrow with my bro. Hopefully we get pics for you to see

  16. Muskie fishing tomorrow on Buckhorn with the women. Got my harpon all sharpened up. Just joking

    1. James77
    2. LostAnotherOne


      Upper and my women caught her first muskie and walleye

  17. Muskie fishing tomorrow at Buckhorn with my bro and niece. I'm pumped up

    1. James77


      We've had great luck on lower buckhorn this season!



      dont be scared to try for bass as well, the bite has been crazy!

    3. LostAnotherOne


      Brother and I landed a 19" and 20" largie. No muskies. We suck

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