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  1. I would like to thank evryone's ideas about my leak, but now I feel sort of stupid. I bought a larger output capacity automatic bilge pump and installed it and no more leaks? So I was ready for any water coming in and could hardly wait to try the sucker out! But to my surprise no water getting in? So then I wondered what I did differently? I horsed up the drain plug tighter, DA! So I examined the hole and was crudded up so I cleaned it, new plug and vowala! no more leaks! Now you all can have a chuckle on me!
  2. I have a stupid questions but what is a bucking tool ? Or should I ask my wife, LOL
  3. +nope mine is exactly like yours, white with blue accents. I have a bimmy top swivel seats and electric trolling motor up front. I will be on the lake this Tues morning. I could give you my phone # and we could share some ideas and stuff if you like? My E mail address is [email protected]
  4. Yoy have a 70's Star-craft ss? So do I ! mine has a 90 hp Evenrude and all the fishing stuff you need. We should hook up someday and look like a pair of twins on the water.
  5. pumpkin seed and dark colored tube jigs, i/8th once tube sinkers to allow slow drop.
  6. Thanx for the heads up on that, so I won't waist my money or time on them.
  7. Fished since I was knee high to a grasshopper, done every type of fishing for fresh water species there is , or at least I can think of! Like to exchange ideas and techniques with others.

  8. Took some casting courses and basics so ready to try this out. Does anyone have any descent areas to get me started close to Hamilton area?
  9. Has any one used the slide divers? This is a new take off of the dipsy diver. Would like some feed back on them and where to get them.
  10. Just outfitted my boat for eyes and wondering where and how far out to get some Erie eyes , I have a deep 16' with 90hp evenrude , just want to be cautious. I have dipsy divers and planner boards. What would you recommend?
  11. What is a good way to find leaks in an aluminum boat with rivets? I filled it with water floor high and let sit but no leaks/ When sitting in water some is coming in from where ? Whats a good product to seal any leaks?
  12. Try Bellwood lake motor boats welcome. But if you really want some hot action for large smallies try Lake Erie out of Cristle beach area . You do not need to go off shore far at all, just fish the shoal's and rock ledges.
  13. welcome back, can we help you in anyway?
  14. Do not forget the simple tube jigs as you can drag them along the bottom to imitate craws, bounce the bottom like gobies, or swim them like a bait fish. I would stick to darker colors like pumkin-seed, green, blk-brown. Use a 1/4 ounce sinker to allow a slower drop. For smallies fish the drop offs, rock piles and a little deeper water then you would for largies.
  15. Oh Bellwood is still alive but because it's a reservoir you have to be patient and versatile. Keep it simple and stick with the basics. Do you have any electronics? Maybe you need to hook up with me to get some pointers, always like to share some ideas .
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