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  1. Most important tip to catching that many fish, GO SOUTH OF THE BOARDER I dunno if it's worth payin the extra $$$ for the american license this year since they nearly doubled it!
  2. Lookin like things are heating up out there! Those are the perfect size for the bbq. Is your boat still in the same harbour or have you moved? Give me a shout! Evan
  3. What the hell dose this have to do with fishing THIS BOARD IS GETTING BRUTAL!!!. TAKE THE NF TOPICS SOMWHERE ELSE!!!!!
  4. Some nice fish there!!! Better then when we were out, but stilll a great time Good Job
  5. That steelie isn't really that big , the photographer just knew how to take pics, I thinkn I figured it out by the 20th pic that day. That day was [email protected] give me a shout! Gallimore
  6. I thkn the QUOTE. " They took our JOBS" would be approriate! Screw you guys I'm going home! LOL Chrome!
  7. DAMN... I though this was a steelhead post my bad
  8. I've seen you clean fish, you can't blame that on the knife, lol if it'a cheap knife your better just to get a new one, the metal of the cheaper knives it to soft and dosn't hold a good edge for long unless you sharpen it after every fish or 2 and dont forget Your still a rube.. j/k Gallimore
  9. Says the guy who posts tripod photos of his 11 inch spotted bass LOL Rowbotham.. HI-larious burn
  10. Sound like there was more blood and hospital visits then after one of your bro's fights lol Simcoe wasn't that great either. but produced! Give me a shout Gallimore
  11. Hawk must not be cathin anyfish lately. Need to talk about somthin!...LOL
  12. Theres some real good operators in Beaverton, hales i think? could be wrong but have alook over there,, good fishin Evan
  13. Sorry about the hut I didn't get your text till sunday. I went out of Hawkesotne on sunday bout 3.5-4 km out 90 fow, 1 Lt & 2 WF,all on williams, Didn't make it out to where I wanted, Give me a shout and I'll send you in the direction of some hard water bows.. We gotta get out sometime dude Gallimore
  14. http://www.gojobs.gov.on.ca/ Keep an eye on this site, especially in the next few months, MNR maybe starting to hire summer contract soon! Evan
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