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  1. hi all,update to fishing cooksbay,last sunday.sept.19.2021. hats off to cooksbay marina,for info and boats. beautiful sunny day.caught a few hammer handles,few bass,and some nice jumbo perch on lures. had a 8 to 10 lb. pike on but lost it at boat side. we fished straight out of the marina,and found some weed pockets in 6 to 12 fow. used a #4 orange bell and blades blue fox lure.ill be back for him later. enjoy the rest of the days you can fish.ciao
  2. thanks bill,not sure if the boats have a fish finder.
  3. hi,all.hope everyone is well and safe. brotherinlaw booked a boat for us out of cooksbay marina,for sun sept.19. havnt fished there in years,can anyone help us out as to ,where we should begin to fish.targetting pike. what lures to use. any helpfull info is much appreciated. ciao.
  4. hi,just saw your post. about the partriges. funny thing almost thought it was my driveway you took pics of birds on. ive got them also,was about 6 of them,and the mother flew onto my roof. if you dont mind where was pic taken im in the eglinton hurontario area of mississauga.just curious ty
  5. ty guys,any one else have any tips for me ty
  6. hello all.was thinking of going fishing and trying lake dalrymple.havnt fished it for a long time. has any one recently been there?? hows the fishing?? any hot spots and lure choice would be appreciated ty ciao
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