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  1. Thanks for the replies! I know it doesn't appear too cold, especially considering Josh goes out in winter with shorts on. haha but at one point I had three shirts and two sweaters on and was still chilly! When the sun popped out it was perfect weather, if it was rainy and windy it got pretty cold on the lake. I had gotten only pike and brookies, but Josh caught 5 species of fish! He caught Walleye, Pike, Brook Trout, White Fish, and Lake Trout! (He also caught some sucker fish but we don't count those lol )
  2. con't pictures.. added my picture of a Loon because I'm proud of it best picture I've gotten of one yet!
  3. Howdy fishermen/ladies I wanted to make a post to tell you about my fiance's and my trip to Northern Woods Lodge last week. It was quite a drive up but it was worth it! Northern Woods Lodge is North of Lake Superior and off Long Lake, and is a great place to get lost in the beauty of Northern Ontario. The views were amazing! The owners Lorna and Terry were great, everything was clean, taken care of, well maintained, and Terry was able to point us in the direction of some good creeks and little ponds/lakes while we searched for Brookies, and when we weren't boating around Long Lake. Mother Nature was not cooperating very well.. it was quite chilly and the water was high because of the spring (or lack of) that we've had this year. We went up expecting to catch a ton of average fish, instead we caught a few monsters! Well worth the trade in this instance. I can't even imagine what it would be like if the weather had been nice this year. Here are a few pictures -I'll add a couple more in a second post because I'm over the limit... Pictures: -Biggest Pike we've ever caught (caught on a fly rod) - we actually caught a few more relatively close in size but not as impressive as this guy! -Biggest Brook Trout we've ever caught (and I caught it! muahaha...) -Josh fighting the Lake Trout -The only/biggest Lake Trout we've ever caught -A view from one part of the lake It was not the fishing experience we expected but it was just as great - next time we go North I'll make sure it's a bit warmer outside.. haha
  4. Thanks for the info! I didn't know they had stocked Walleye, they are always fun to catch!
  5. Thanks! I'll keep that in mind for the pike, and we will definitely post pictures afterwards!
  6. Hello! My fiance and I are going on our annual fishing trip next week! We are heading up to Northern Woods Lodge on Long Lake. I was just wondering if anyone has been up there during this time of the year?? I am starting to make lists of what to get but it is always worth hearing the opinions of people who have been there. We are fishing for all types, Brook Trout, Lake Trout, Pike, Walleye.. but we haven't had that much experience with Lake Trout and are wondering what the fishing will be like up there? We've got the basics... jigs, gulp-minnows and grubs, rock walkers.. and of course we've got lots of fly fishing flies for the brookies.. but does anyone have any other suggestions of what we should bring with us? It's always the worst when you get to a great lodge and don't have what you need ~_~ last time we drove 30mins out of the way to get more rock walkers because that was the big item where we were. I'm hoping we'll have everything we need this year. As always I appreciate any advice and stories
  7. "Brokerage fee" is other words for they bring a manifest into Customs with a few hundred items on it and get it stamped. If you're shipping international and you have an option to clear customs yourself (and you live in driving distance to Pearson airport) it's cheaper to just do it yourself. You declare it, bring a copy of the receipt, and pay taxes. The brokerage fee is because the shipping company is clearing it with customs on your behalf. (I've heard it can be up to 70-80 bucks but I think it depends on the weight of the item, and who is shipping it) Also sometimes it may take longer if customs needs to examine it.. so I would find a tracking number and call someone to get the status of the shipment. Good luck!
  8. That's a disturbing story. Kids need to be taught how dangerous it can be!! Good thing you were there to do some parenting which they apparently needed.
  9. hahaha I love all the comments here! I knew OFNers would understand my outrage! “Some folks just can't stay focused long enough to truly enjoy fishing.” - I wish I'd thought of that one at the time! lol and "Just think how much more crowded the water would be if everyone like fishing" - so true! Keep the obnoxious away from our lakes and rivers.
  10. I used to just think of myself as a fisherman's girlfriend, but I can tell now I am definately a fishergirl in my own right. haha I'm having dinner with some friends and one of them had a cousin from Germany over. I was asking him what he did when he was here, he said he went to Vaughan Mills Mall. so instantly I go "DID YOU VISIT BASS PRO SHOP???" (Considering my boyfriend and I practically live in that store I was psyched to see what he thought). He starts to go on about how crazy it is you can buy a boat in a store and how they don't have malls in Germany. I say "Yeah but did you see the fishing stuff?!" He says "You fish?" and quickly I'm like "YEAH it's the best!" thinking of course that it will be a positive. and (I kid you not.) he says "But... how can you stand it.. fishing is like the most mind-numbing boring thing there is." O_o..... I was outraged!!!! I start to tell him about fly fishing and looking for pools and currents, and figuring out what fly and lure to use, and the different seasons and about how gorgeous some of the fish are and the beauty of Ontario rivers and lakes... and he goes "you just sit on a boat doing nothing for hours" .... ..... "... WELL clearly you've never caught a fish before." -me END of conversation. I was so ticked off.. lol 6 years ago I'd never been fishing before, and now I couldn't believe I took it so personally! Guess I'm a fully converted fishergirlfriend.
  11. Youtube and Fishing Network television channel 24/7 lol The t.v shows usually have a lot of cool tricks and tips (it's how I learned about ratting 1-2 trick) It's also cool when you start recognizing the hosts on the lakes! (We saw Mercer's subway boat this summer before it was given away!) (clearly not books.. lol but another good suggestion is go to Chapters when you have a few hours, grab a chair and see if any of the books there speak to you)
  12. @ Headhunter haha no we didn't go on the waterslide, it was a bit chilly and we were too busy fishing! The families that were staying there were all over it though, we saw kids playing on it a bunch!
  13. I'm not a wife (yet. lol) but I'm a devoted fishing girlfriend
  14. Thank everyone, it was a fantastic week! and we were happy everything worked out great in the end. @ Brandon It WAS Indian Chutes! Josh and I saw and it and he was determined to get down there, after talking to Bruce and Jennifer about it we learned about a path going down. Well worth it @ Jason Thanks again Jason for the awesome tips. We really appreciated it! @ Frankie Me too! We were fishing in the boat and it just walked out RIGHT in front of us. Before I got that picture I was struggling to get the camera out of the boat bag but there was actually two bucks who walked out and they fought. This guy was the victor and got to stay in the watering hole. SOO cool.
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