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  1. Canada’s leaders are so clueless. Lockdowns do not work. This is the fourth one and every time Covid just comes back. Live with it. Look at TX and FL, wide open, no masks and doing as fine or better than Canada and any other State. Canada has become a lockdown and isolationist Country within it is borders and outside of them. How crazy is it they outlaw golf, maybe fishing and other outdoor activities? They have lost it. Canada’s leaders should be fired. No planning to manufacture the vaccines and they use lockdowns as excuses. Meanwhile, many business will fail and people are losing valuable time in their lives by not being allowed to do anything. But, hey people that like lockdowns, must love a Socialistic/Communist country as that what is happening. Learn to live with Covid, it is not going away. I and my son have had Covid and it was like a bad flu. Just fine now. In the US over 70 percent of the population over 65 now has had the vaccine. 1/2 the Country has one shot. What the heck have Canada leaders done. Absolutely nothing!
  2. Trudeau has done nothing, especially on vaccines. Funny - how Canadian media was blasting US last year on Covid. How the tide turned. Sad. I just want both Countries to get this under control, so I can travel to to Canada again. Really miss it and the people. Amazing to me how Canadians can fly to the States, but we can’t fly to Canada. Trudeau has no clue, especially on his constant lockdowns. At least let vaccinated people in when it gets more under control. Can’t stay buttoned up forever.
  3. Every week, forecasters say cold is coming and every week it gets delayed. Same as last winter. I can’t believe how poorly a job forecasters do. If it does come, it will probably be Spring and by then ready for warmth. Annoying weather!
  4. Awesome - my Dad and I always look forward to your reports! You do such a great job writing them and taking the pictures at such cool places most can only dream of going too! Happy New Year to you! You are my fishing hero!
  5. Great story. Great writer and great photographer! Really look forward to your adventures. Are those black flies or mosquitoes? Does an Artic Char taste like an Alaskan Salmon? How is Covid up their? Will you get to ice fish?
  6. That is too bad, as I really like Sail. Really like their clothes selection too, as they have some great brands that can be hard to find in stores.
  7. I do though. My family and I have been fishing in the Rice Lake for over 50 years, multiple times a year and over Canadian Thanksgiving too. Also, other areas of Canada, like Kesagami, skiing out west, etc.... Love the Ganny and love Canada! I always feel it is my second Country and always brag about Canada to everyone, since we travel their so much!! Hate seeing those people fishing shoulder to shoulder snagging fish and that is what I am talking about. Your local municipality could ban fishing their then, so those are the people that would usually abuse it. They did it in some of our rivers this spring.
  8. Not sure Canada dodged a bullet. Majority of US cases are in NYC/NJ area, whose total population is bigger than a lot of Countries. Compare the stats of US population to Canada. In my State of Ohio, population of 12 million, our numbers are very low and we still allow fishing and golfing, which both are much safer than going to the local crowded parks or Costco/Grocery stores. We also start opening up on May 1st, slowly, but you can not keep living like this forever, otherwise their will economic collapse. Banning fishing is ridiculous, especially Lake fishing. People just need to make sure they are practicing social distancing and if they are not, like in some rivers, then the locality should shut those down. When I fish in Ohio, it is on a bank and there is no one else around. Virus can’t spread that way. Same as golfing, my course has a lot less people than a park and you don’t touch anything except your club. No need for such extreme rules and Ohio is proof of that as are other States. If people are that paranoid, then stay in your house, but don’t let your paranoia ruin it for others that are practicing safe social distancing. Crazy - you can’t keep living in fear. I look at Sweden and some other Countries too and they have some of the least stringent rules and are surviving still without closing anything.
  9. What a bad pic. Wish he would have taken a normal picture.
  10. Will definitely be hard times for everyone - very sad. Who know if our annual trip at end of June will happen now. Guess will wait and see.
  11. GregF2


    I guess it is all the type of people you hang out with then. Also - you have no clue and sorry that you have seen so many people ruin their life. That is very sad. Can't believe so many people are not against pot and can't see what it can lead too. Seems very strange. Not sure how I don't know anyone that smokes it, proves a point. You are right though, it proves the point that the people I hang out with and family don't do drugs, as they know better. They are all against pot, as it is a drug! I guess if people like to get high, that is their option, but definitely is not the right choice going through life living that way.
  12. GregF2


    And neither do. It is proven it has no health effects after two weeks. So many scientific studies prove that. Why do you think it was illegal for years. Get a clue anyone that responds otherwise obviously is a druggie with poor morals. I am out of this thread - too many weirdos..... Exactly the decay of society I was talking about if you guys are for it.....
  13. GregF2


    Talk about Fake news!
  14. GregF2


    Feel sorry for the part of society that thinks marijuana is not bad. It most definitely could lead to harder drugs, kills brain cells and fact proven to be addictive. After two weeks it offers no health benefits, except addiction. That part of society is what is causing the decay of our worlds morals. Amazing that people can't see that and the only reason it is becoming legal now is desperate liberals gaining more tax revenue. Very, very sad.... What will these same people that wanted to legalize marijuana want to legalize next? Amazing how the minority now in days affects the majority, as I know no one that smokes pot or even wants it legalized.... They understand the harm it does to those that smoke it and what addiction can do.....
  15. GregF2


    Legalizing marijiuna every where certainly does not help. I don't care what anyone says, it is a drug and will lead to harder drugs. So stupid and can't see how people can't see that. Drugs are a choice, you either do it or don't.
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