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  1. Going to Orlando and Tampa. I'm on my own for fishing. I found what looks like a good guide for redfish, seatrout, black drums. His website says "tips not included but greatly appreciated". Guess you guys are right . If anyone wants to go halfsies on a charter lemme know! I'll pack us a dynamite lunch
  2. Yes I am splitting hairs. LOL you see, deep down I know you are right, but I just like debating. Maybe im so grouchy about it cuz I am taking the charter alone and will have to dish out what looks like $600 for the day. Ha, one day on teh water is going to cost me more than 2 spring training games and leafs @ tampa bay! Or = to one night at a leafs home game! lol
  3. A wage is paid by employer to employee. Owner/operators charge their own fees, whatever they wish. This is what I meant. Yes I am somewhat aware of whats invovled, i know its not cheap or easy. I think you are misunderstanding me here. My original question was - HOW DO YOU KNOW IF YOUR GUIDE DESERVES A TIP. Showing up on time is not one of them, at least not for me.
  4. lol ok, but guides do not make a wage! All that I have found are owner/operators, there is a difference. If servers LOVED what they did and it was something they aspired to do, youd be correct in the comparison. Do you hate me yet?
  5. I am renting a hut once a week so I cant be reckless with my choices
  6. Not disputing the work and cost involved with being a hut operator. I just think $180 for two of us to fish is more than its worth for us. But, I ended up booking floydd hales at three person rate. Will cost us $75 each which I think is more reasonable.
  7. Its not the same thing lol but im tired of debating now. Rest assured I will tip my guide . Next question, whats appropriate? $50?
  8. What your suggesting deserves a tip is really just basic business fundamentals.
  9. Well if you chose a guide that isnt professioanl, you havent done your research Teasin' ya.
  10. Ive hired one guide in my life and we tipped him because he dropped one of us back at shore early, and because he let us do something illegal on his boat. THATS what I call going the extra mile
  11. I was a bartender for a few higher end restaurants in the city. I see a few differences. One is that you go to a restaurant and pay for food -- tip your service. For a charter, I assume you pay to fish? So my question (and it was an honest one) is, when do you tip a guide?
  12. Tim Hales charges min 3 person rates for weekend hut rentals. That means my girl friend and I will have to shell out $180 for a day of perch fishing. Yeeeeea not likely. lol All these rentals I've been doing adds up to almost the same as it would have cost me to buy my own gear. Thats a sad thought.
  13. Appreciate your reply, Bill I think you are right. Havent caught a bass in a while but I remember that once they are on your hook they give up so easily. Im not sure how you gauge whether or not to tip a guide. If you spent $500 and caught fish, you got what you paid for. In what instances would a tip be appropriate? Off the top of my head I would say if they cleaned my fish for me or if the guide was not the owner of the charter.
  14. Hey .....how did you make out in Florida? What did you end up doing? What is an appropriate fee for pay a guide for bass fishing? I would love to land a 10+ lber but on the other hand I've never caught a redfish before... oh the decisions!
  15. Hi everyone, I am very thankful that November is around the corner and all this salmon instanity will be over. I always get seriously disturbed when I run into or hear about snaggers and poachers. This stuff haunts my dreams. I'm afraid one day it'll make me do something stupid that could get me into trouble...you know how loogans can be! I'm pretty sure that along with a call to the MNR, we can call the local police too, is that right? I mean, poaching is against the law.... What do you guys think?
  16. Im looking at both models in pink.....otherwise there would be no discussion I am pinkorexic....its a disease
  17. I forgot to mention that the KP is pink and RARE. Does this matter? It kind of matters to me.....I like to be different
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