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  1. glad u got out u will catch one sooner or later i was suppose to head out but the north winds are howling wont be out til next week as long as the water isnt euchured
  2. i bought the whuppin stik 8ft heavy from cabelas.ca 29.99 awesome rod for the money 10 yr warranty fast shipping 4 days and i got it casts bulldawgs and bondys with ease i had it paired with a cardiff 400 i bought it cause i figured it was a good deal would make an awesome trolling rod too
  3. right here close to the bottom of the page http://www.tackleindustries.com/muskypikerods.html
  4. looking at the tackle industries 9ft 2 pc MH paired with a 400 cardiff i will mostly be casting bulldawgs and bondy baits along with some Double 10's any good on these rods what about warranty also looking into the okuma evx musky rods model #EVx-C-741H any input will be great reason for the 2 pc is more for transportation and storage purpose
  5. looking at a purchase on the 7'6 daiwa dmx any good or bad about it cant seem to find any reviews whatsoever and would it pair up good with a 400 corsair
  6. wow trip of a lifetime very nice specimens thanks for sharing
  7. i finally got my boat out of storage up here in the kirkland lake area when i stored the boat for the winter everything worked fine the motor is an 86 50hp merc i came across a problem as i was preping it up for the first boat ride of the season what i did changed the plugs new gear oil fresh gas hooked up the muffs on it and started it up it runs pretty good but the problem is when i checked to c if it would go into forward nothing would happen just rev up the reverse worked fine any ideas what this can be im in a nice part of ontario loaded with nice lakes and im dying to get out any help would be much apreciated thanks
  8. I believe Stoney Point marina still rents boats heres the # 5197985757 6988 st clair rd stoney point ontario
  9. quick update golden eagle camp and nearby residents has been evacuated due to a new fire west of hwy 65 we need torrential downpours asap source Cjkl radio kirkland lake My link
  10. nice Ben cant wait to hit the hardwater myself
  11. nice going thats what its all about
  12. thanks for the input guys great community here
  13. hey guys any of u here ever fish for smallmouths thru the ice where it is legal of course what would be some good baits to try i have the opportunity this christmas to fish a small lake that is open all year which has a strong population of them just looking for some pointers thanks
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