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  1. Good luck next week,let me know . will give the Muskie a go this Sept
  2. What are you fishing for ? Was thinking of trying ot out for Muskie
  3. Walker downrigger mount (swivel) 50.00 will ship
  4. Fantastic read like usual,you have my next boat. What kinda #s ya getting with that 90 as far as top end goes ?
  5. Both sold thanks kijiji please remove
  6. Walker electric,nice shape broke end swivel tonight bringing it back from camp with swivel mount 150.00 firm big Jon electric with mount 150.00 firm
  7. Or complete engine for parts ,let me know what ya got ,thanks .
  8. Looking for the pike coloured version ,let me know when where and how much please ....Thanks
  9. I just used good one side 3/4 PL premium to adhere them together added screws put it back in the boat. Then drilled all mount ,brace and drain holes. Took it back out sealed it all with west epoxy and painted it with marine paint..I'll never have to worry about it
  10. Didn't know Mariner made a 4 stroke hmmm After thousands of hours and lots of service I think my 60 yamaha is on its last troll,I'm hoping it gets me thru the 2018 season although it don't owe me a cent.
  11. So sorry for your loss ,makes the heart truly hurt reading that
  12. I havnt had much of a sled since early 2000s ,last yr I picked up a 17 Renegade Backcountry does everything I want and more ,including a big smile whenever I flatten out the throttle . You will be happy with your new choice will be leaps and bounds better than that old safari . 4 stroke is the way to go
  13. Yep never been a ram guy but ,2 of my buddy's got em there stout trucks
  14. Agree with Art totally,I love my ecoboost it's fast lots of power and decent on fuel . I tow my 17 ft lund all summer and a 16 ft enclosed full of sleds and gear all winter don't even know they are behind me I do have all the tow packages and other goodies. Would I get the 5.0 next time ? Naaaa I love hearing the turbos spooling up
  15. It's too bad his son won't take it over ,wonder where the hardtop Stanley is. Water might be high enough to run out of the Key again either way it's a nice ride out from Britt. Some beauty scenery up there ,delta of the French ,Bustard islands
  16. The owners health failed a few yrs back and the kids shut it down.
  17. Get it out of the bulk drum ,about as cheap as I've found it.
  18. Tempting. ..don't have FB but I'll make sure people find out
  19. My wife and a few of her Co workers got together and decided for a Xmas gift to get there husbands fishbum clothing. Ordered back in Nov with delivered promises for Christmas. Deadlines run out and several sorrys later they promised a 60.00 "gift pack" and the t shirt the jacket was suppose to come with for non Christmas delivery. I just got my coat end of January ,Co workers havnt received there goods yet,and surprise surprise no thank you gift pack or t shirt . There customer service is crap,maybe there on the way out Buyer BEWARE !!!!!
  20. I'm glad ..her ole man was a screw up ..as is she .. Just like the lil boy we have running us ..he's a screw up and so was his ole man maybe trumps got a set..time will tell
  21. I've got a rubbermaid box full of fly tieing material all new ..some exotic stuff in there ..give ya a great deal shipped ,it's in the classifieds just follow my kijiji link
  22. Omg Mike I was on the lip of the couch the whole time reading that..what a beauty fish ..tail of a lifetime forsure
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