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  1. propane heating rights

    I am now armed with knowledge. Now I can get back to retirement mode. This site is a godsend for info and advice. Thanks all!!
  2. Another school shooting in Florida

    It's very sad. A daily shooting. It's almost a competition. Who's the next coward to shoot down Innocents?
  3. Ice fishing help

    Warm, dry boots. First and foremost. Cold feet make for a lousy day!!!
  4. propane heating rights

    Hi everyone. Last year we ran out of propane mid winter. Also once this year. We inquired about a second tank. They said "we don't need one". Do they have to put another one in if we demand it? I realize we will have to pay for it. Anyone hip on this subject? The company is Woods fuels in Frontenac County. Thanks!!
  5. Log splitter mistake!!!

    Hi there. Bought a 5 ton electric log splitter from Princess Auto. Worked very well BUT, there is a "bleeder screw" that has to be loosened (which I didn't do) . Wrecked the hydraulics. I ordered another. On sale for $229(reg. $399). Don't make the same mistake I did.
  6. ATV rookie advice

    Hi, everyone. I just bought my first ATV, never driven before. Mainly use for chores and a little off road. Any advice to ease into it before I become accustomed to driving it? Let's hear from you veterans. Thanks!
  7. Central Air

    Howdy. Anybody know of Central air installers for rural Eastern Ontario.,specifically Arden area. We'd like to get it done as soon as possible to avoid rush. Recommend? Thanks.
  8. Xplornet Bad Rap?

    Hi all. I just moved to Land o' Lakes region. After exhausting all options for internet, it left dial-up and Xplornet. I resignedly chose the latter. So far, so good. I'm very pleasantly surprised at the reliability ,even during last nite's wind and snow. Now I live in beautiful country with good fishing and the 'net, to boot! Ah, sweet retirement.
  9. Land o'Lakes Hardwater?

    Hey all. My wife and I are moving up to Big Gull area (retired), and I'm looking to meet up with some of locals to ice fish and chew the fat with. I have all my own stuff. I'm not looking to learn all your "spots" (we all have them), just areas in general. I fish for anything that swims. I'm not sure how I would leave my email on the site. Anybody who knows how that works and will share a little knowledge, drop me a line. Thanks,T.
  10. Rural Internet Solutions?

    Hey all. Moving to rural eastern Ont. We do not have dsl internet as an option. I 've read only bad things about Xplornet. There is also "Storm". anybody here use them? Is it significantly better than Bell satellite? I've never liked Bell's way of doing business, but I might have to bite the bullet. Anybody know of any other options? Any and all input appreciated.
  11. Hi. Anybody know what the internet, tv is like in rural areas of central Frontenac county? Is it strictly satellite? Any packages and companies to recommend? Another item to cross off the to-do list. Man, this moving stuff is stressing me out. One more month and I can get back to retirement! Thanks for any tips. M.T.
  12. Land o' Lakes

    Hey all. My wife and I are moving to Big Gull Lake area in Nov. We bought a modest 5 room house on 2 acres of quiet land. I know some of these local lakes are heavily fished in the summer. Any recommendations for the more isolated lakes for lakers and or big bass? Thanks, M.T.

    Hi. This may seem like a stupid question. Is it possible to share a flue between a wood burning stove and a propane furnace? Is it safe and legal? We're moving to Land o' Lakes area in December (Arden area) .Any recommends for wood stoves and installations in area. Also, good places to buy firewood? Thanks, all.
  14. Oil tank removal

    I think I'm gonna leave it for the pros. Done safe and clean. I'm moving up around Eganville and I'd rather not worry about something I know nothing about. Less time to think about wetting a line!
  15. Oil tank removal

    Hello. Anybody know cost of removing oil tank from basement? Any recommendations? Thanks, Mr.Topwater!. P.S. I'm in Kitchener.