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  1. Thanks for the tip brother. I just booked with Brent for Saturday. Hopefully I will have some good pics to post after the weekend!!
  2. Hey guys, haven't posted in a while mainly because I don't get out much lately. I had a trip planned for this Saturday with a guide on Balsam, with my buddy who is here for a few weeks from Singapore and this is the only weekend we can get out. So the guide just called and said he has to cancel due to a family situation. Which I understand but it really sucks. So I am looking for a guide or just a kind sould wo wants to treat 2 really nice guys to a day of fishing in the Kawarthas (I have a motel booked for 2 nights). We would gladly pay for your services. Fallback plan I guess is to rent a boat and go hunting ourselves, but the last few years since we don't get out often our thinking has been "lets just pay someone to put us on fish" Any help appreciated.
  3. Hey all, my good friend and fishing partner is coming in from Singapore for a couple weeks and I have been tasked with finding us a good day of fishing. Was thinking of doing a Erie Walleye charter. I checked the Classifieds but did not see anything. Can anyone suggest a good one that is affordable for 2? We are in Milton so closer to East is better. Any other suggestions are welcome as well. Would be last week of August and a weekday. Maybe Simcoe would be good too. Not really into Salmon fishing so I would prefer something with the oppurtunity to catch warm water species. I know there are a ton of guides on the web but was hoping for a personal referral or even a board member. Thanks.
  4. Wow I'm jealous. I've had the pleasure of wetting a line with John and you'd be hard pressed to find a better fishin partner. Look forward to the report.
  5. Great read. That's why I don't mind being completely anal about wearing a flotation device. The only time I would ever take mine off is in a small back bay on a quiet lake when not underway. Other than that I would not ever consider being underway or adrift in big water without one. Why take the chance? Glad everyone made it out ok and kudos to this guy for sharing the story. Might actually reach some people and potentially save lives.
  6. Oh great! as if the Carp and Gobies weren't enough, now we are going to be over-run with invasive giant indistinguishable blobs!
  7. Am I outta line in saying that one of the lessons would be to just wear your damn PFD at all times? Especially on the ocean. Maybe it's just me, but the only time I would take mine off is on a small lake when not underway. Other than that why risk it?
  8. Thanks for the info. It's too bad no one made the effort to let you in on an unwritten rule around here: make you first post an introduction rather than a request and you will be welcomed. Thanks for the info re the Niagara river. Now how about you tell us what you are fishing for and maybe show us a pic or two. We like fish porn. Welcome.
  9. That totally sucks. Sorry to hear that. I hope you will make a police report. Even though you are most likely 100% right that it is gone for good, never think that it is not important to report crime. Once that apathy sets in for society, the bad guys always win.
  10. I get the frustration but I think that the problem is that we need more enforcement so more people can be caught. The penalty actually sounds pretty good to me. I would imagine that a $1700 fine and losing all your gear would sting a bit. The thing I hate is that they can probably go right back out fishing the next day and carry on and will probably not see a CO for another 10 years.
  11. Look at it this way, that thing just made way for like 6 good eaters. And if like the expert said it may not be reproducing, it really was just taking up space. Sad day perhaps for people who want to hang something on the wall, great day for the ecosystem of GSL.
  12. If it were up to me anyone discharging a firearm in public would be charged with 1 count of attempted murder for every pull of the trigger whether they hit anyone or not, and would result in 10 years behind bars with no chance of parole, no time off for good behavior and none of this 2 for 1 for pre trial custody crap. Courts are backed up? Too bad, wait your turn and your sentence starts when we get around to trying you.
  13. You have a really great talent. Also I am amazed that you got them to sit still for that long!!
  14. Dude that is the best report I have seen in a long time. I have 2 girls a 2 year old and a 4 year old and I can't wait for these times. Thanks for the smile.
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