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  1. sparky302

    Summer Brook Trout Tips !!

    What a day i had again in the canoe fishing brook trout they seem to be feeding and getting ready for the fall.In the video i explain a few of my tricks on catching these fish it can be work but once you figure them out look out !!!
  2. sparky302

    Hot outside and so is the fishing (BROOK TROUT)

    I use atv but sometimes its 3-4 trips walking 1/4 mile carrying gear to lake.
  3. sparky302

    Hot outside and so is the fishing (BROOK TROUT)

    I use line counter reel and or i will bounce bottom in 15-17 feet and then reel up just a hair to get correct depth most lakes i fish are rock bottom so you don;t need to worry about weeds getting on tackle.
  4. sparky302

    Hot outside and so is the fishing (BROOK TROUT)

    Yes i have run the bigger blade gang trolls also as for depth i fish max 30 feet most fish are in the 17-25 ft range.I have gang trolls with orange or with green they both work very well also.As for speed i troll @1,4 to 1.7 mph.
  5. sparky302

    Hot outside and so is the fishing (BROOK TROUT)

    Water surface temp was 75 F .I drop temp gauge down and find 52-54 f.I have caught brook trout all times of the day.
  6. sparky302

    Hot outside and so is the fishing (BROOK TROUT)

    Thanks i love brook trout !!!
  7. sparky302

    Hot outside and so is the fishing (BROOK TROUT)

    yes sir i run a worm !!
  8. Well this morning was foggy as you can see in my video with moisture all over the lens on the way into the lake and the humid air made it even hotter in the canoe but it paid off the brook trout were hungry.
  9. sparky302

    Halfway Lake tips?

    If you have a small boat i would go into Bailey Lake at the far end of halfway lake you need to portage into it and its not a far portage.Walleye/Pike/Bass
  10. sparky302

    Birch Lake near Webbwood

    I live about an hour from Birch Lake it is a good Lake for fishing just watch the regs on the walleye only allowed 1 with a sport licence @19.6 inch and You are not allowed any with conservation Licence. The smallies i have caught up to 22 "
  11. Some nice brook trout up there !!! Nice catch !!!!
  12. Wow all i can say was what a awesome time i had with my friend from down south for 2 days fishing brookies at a good old age of 77 this man can push pull quads through the bush like he is 20 years old and has taught me a few things about the elusive brook trout here are some more pics !!! I did get 3 of the fish on video for my friend so he can show his family the days he spends with me....
  13. sparky302

    Fishing with my son for brookies

    Thanks guys i enjoy making videos and posting pics.I will also post my 2 daýs from the end of May .
  14. What another awesome day i had fishing with my son we did not fish in the kayak or canoe but we back packed into a lake i love fishing and used a boat the heat and the bugs were crazy and it was time to give my son some of my fishing tricks as i don't get to fish with him lots because of his work hours.