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  1. I know I'm late to this thread , it's been a few years since I've been on this site, forgot how much I enjoyed it, I'll make it a habit again. BANANAS will bring the fish into a frenzy like chumming, I've snorkelled in the Caribbean numerous times and for whatever reason they go...wait for it....bananas for them. Have a a line in and use bananas for chum, fish up to 5 lbs will come in, hook a smaller one and toss it out for a Cuda.
  2. Big smallies in Georgian, as per my avatar. I'm heading to the exact area you are thinking about camping on Sunday and just came back from there 2 weeks ago. Another spot you should try is called Gin Islands, you could spend a whole day fishing them, they are close to GB provincial park. Send a pm (private message) and I will give you more details on lures and areas. Cheers
  3. There have been reports of black cougar sightings in Southwestern Ontario for years, London along Thames River. First I've heard of sightings in that area...
  4. Wow...I've been flip flopping on committing to this kind of trip, you may have just tilted the balance. Crazy! Now, how to tell the wife the Caribbean is out this coming year...
  5. Heavy braid, no leader?
  6. This is what my fishing buddy uses http://www.basspro.com/Bass-Pro-Shops-Extreme-Boat-Bags/product/10205325/ and just adds Plano boxes of various sizes, boat gets wet, he has one of those triumphs? that are made of moulded plastic...
  7. Agreed! You couldn't pay me to eat a carp! The type of water and areas they come from and all that bottom feeding, not to mention the age of the fish, gross. I could make skunk taste good if I rolled it fish fry and sunk it in pot of oil, doesn't make it good or good for you.
  8. I know those are around Nova Scotia waters so that would be a long way up the river for that beast. I'm thinking Musky or Sturgeon. Any rumors of St Lawrence monters in its waters?
  9. Don't bother, I bought two of those from Canadian for my nephews, junk! If you are going to buy from there stick to a low end Shimano
  10. Berkley XT lo-vis green for me, gives me the most confidence. The xt holds up to rubbing on rocks and wood better than the xl, may not cast as far on my spinning but not by much.
  11. and Marko is the winner he will only go to a handful, if that, of teams he wants play for come the deadline, but go he will because it would be cheap insurance for a team that might go deep in the playoffs and that team will cough up more than he's worth in draft picks....and so it has been said here first
  12. Just curious about people's perception, 4 plus 2 was mine
  13. Harrison nailed it dead on, 4 plus 2
  14. We are but one dude...
  15. And you EC1 have illustrated my point exactly, "suppose to be" and you're right
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