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  1. When I bought my boat.....the salesman advised to put a strap around the motor to stop it from moving from side to side when towing...so I centre the steering and use the eye bolts on the transom and wrap the strap around the motor....that way it wont heave side to side. Whether its a good idea or not I dont know. Dean's idea seems great though and makes a lot of sense.... Bill
  2. Gagnon's in Oshawa has always done me well.....The service I have had there has been great.....and Wayne helped me a lot with buying my first baitcaster. Even offered to take me out front and show me what to do. I also like Angling Specialties on Kennedy road in Scarborough. Service is also good there...... Bill
  3. What a pillock.......lucky he did not lose any appendages. Guess he dosent know what a kill switch is.....
  4. Metal Supermarkets also sells nylon and teflon I believe.... Bill
  5. Cliff..... Hopefully I am not too late with this.....but A friend of my Father is looking for a boat too (they live in Lindsay) and apparently there is some event at Buckeye marine in Bobcaygeon (I am not affiliated with them in any way.....just heard about it and wanted to pass it on) this weekend....or today at least. I believe they sell Princecraft, and I know they sell Legend....thats where my Father bought his a few years ago.....they even delivered the boat (by water...my parents used to live on Kennedy Bay by the marina)....hopefully you see this in time if you didnt already know about it (and I hope the info is correct and that my Fathers friend is not full of it ) Bill
  6. Thanks BillM. You took the words right out of my mouth. Lunker.....if you have A-plan it will knock at least 3k off I think......I buy mine on A/Z plan and thats what I seem to remember. A plan is almost always BELOW the cost of what the dealer can even pay for it IIRC. The Five-0 event is still on according to their website (0 down, 0% interest, 0$ first months payment, 0 due on delvery and 0 security deposit)......so I would go to another dealer if you are still interested, and dont mess around with pricing.....just tell them its A plan then they cant screw you......Some dealers do not like to sell on A plan because they make very little on it. I thought the practice of turning away A plan sales went away but it seems its still going on......
  7. I have owned 2 rangers.....I had a 1988 XLT with a 2.9 and 5 speed....and I put 320,000 KM on when I sold it, and the guy that bought it off me put another 200,000 plus on it before he got rid of it. No major problems with it other that periodical maintenance and the like.....only thing I would have changed was to get extended cab. I have a 2006 currently but will get to that after I comment on the following: The 4.0L engine....at least the one I have is not rough, and not underpowered (208 HP and 235Lb/ft tq) Handling on a truck is quite often reluctant and I have not driven a truck yet that did not want to step out on bumpy corners or washboard when it was unloaded. The brakes are good (but could be better). The cabin is narrow.....but it is a small truck. It is far from noisy inside (it is quieter than the 2001 Malibu my wife used to own), and the comfort of the interior and the fit and finish is far from rudimentary. I dont have the jump seats so cant comment. Keep in mind that reviews are VERY subjective...at least in my opinion.....and...what are they comparing it to?? There is no other truck in this class on the market. There is NO comparison between a Ranger, and any other full sized truck out there...they are two different animals. First off...Toyota does not make a small truck any more. The Mazda and the Ford are the SAME truck, only differences being cosmetic. All the engines in the Ranger/Mazda trucks are Ford engines (2.3l push rod engine, 3.0l V6 and the 4.0l V6) and the Mazda is not smaller than the Ranger. They come off the same assembly line. Anyway....not here to start a peeing match..... My Ranger is a 2006, with XLT level trim 4.0l engine, 5 speed manual, 3.55:1 limited slip rear differential. The seats are comfortable, the interior is quiet, and there are no rattles or squeaks from the interior components even in the cold (if the fit and finish were crap as stated in the review above I don't believe I could say what I just said about the interior). I have had no problems with it up until now (125,000 km) and don't foresee any in the future. It pulls my 16ft Tracker superguide with ease. If I were to change anything on it.....I would have gotten 4WD. The FX4 is not the only 4WD model......however the FX4 package comes with a few extras..I believe steering stabilizer, skid plates and a few other goodies. The Ranger does NOT come with a bunch of options like the F150......so dont expect them.......however....I feel its a great truck for the money.....especially now......there are some good deals on. I can pick up the same truck today as I did almost 4 years ago, but add 4WD for almost the same price, financing is 0% over 60 months and they have job loss protection now I believe....in fact had I not gotten laid off and month and a half ago I would have had a new one already. The fuel economy with the 4.0L is about 11L/100km or about 24 MPG TOWING THE BOAT.......not the best but acceptable to me.....as for the 2.3L I am not sure.......but in my mind.....if I am buying a truck to do any sort of work with......a 4 cyl is out of the question. Anyway.....those are my experiences and opinions and my opinions only.....I hope this helps with your decision and if you want to talk more feel free to send me a PM. Bill
  8. Hi Timmeh, I have a Spirex 4000 RG and my wife has a 2500 RG, both with rear drag, and I also have an older TX plus 130 and a TX plus 125, both the same setup again. I really like them, and I bought them because of the rear drag. Never had any problems with any of them and find them a breeze to use, and the one handed cast is a bonus for us. They also have a lever that you can flip to the right when fighting a fish that will tighten the drag without changing the initial drag adjustment.....once you are done fighting the fish....you just flip the lever back to the left again and the drag is back to where you set it up. Handy little feature, at least in my eyes..... We are both pleased with ours if that is any help. Bill
  9. Mike, You may want to try Port Perry instead of Port Parry......looks like there are 4 sites available for registration... Check in here: Shoreline cleanup registration It tells you how to register the site you wish to clean up, or suggest an alternate site not listed.... Bill
  10. Seems odd.... One thing I noticed is that the registration number on the bow is not an Ontario number either.... I would be wary........ Bill
  11. Bill, If I get back to work in the next couple of weeks (i am currently laid off and waiting to get called back/looking for another job) Ill see if I can whip you one up. I have a similar mount here for my Maxxum so if that is what the mount is for, I have everything I need......just a matter of making it. It may not look as fancy with the plastic handle and all but at least I can come up with something that would work for you. I have some Stainless tucked away in my tool chest at work in case of such needs . I cant promise you anything at this point now.....will have to see what the next few weeks hold.....so if you get a better (more solid) offer in the meantime by all means go for it Can you just confirm which mount that is...so I can make sure that if I make one that will fit mine....it will fit yours as well? The one I have is the MKA-23 and fits the Maxxum, Maxxum Pro, All Terrain, Fortrex, or Edge trolling motors. Shoot me a PM in a week or two just to keep me reminded and hopefully we can come up with something for you. Bill Bill
  12. I havent seen that one for years........ It was done by CFNY 102.1 in Toronto some time ago as a parody of the 'I am Canadian' commercials that were done by Molson advertising Molson Canadian. What a riot!!!! Thanks for posting that GCD Bill
  13. Perhaps a little late for this as you may have already left.... First lake is Orangeville Reservior.....like others have said....you will catch Pike, LM Bass, and at least Perch in there. Not sure about crappie or other panfish.....and there was, at one time, trout in there but not sure if there are any left. Pike dosent open till second Sat in May I believe, Bass is Last Sat in June....Perch and Crappie is open all year. Second lake is Caledon lake, and when I lived in Orangeville (10 years ago now) Caledon lake was a private access lake......not even sure what is in there, and probably not a good idea to try to find out. Sorry its a little late but hope this helps.... Bill
  14. Was up at the Ganny this morning for a look.....Police have the little park at the end taped off with police tape, and an officer on guard. Didnt know what was up but read about it in the Toronto Star when I got back. Expected to see more people fishing.....first time there for me, but did not fish. Just went to have a look because I was thinking of going tomorrow....
  15. I think I understand now.........perhaps Ill do better than last year. LOL Guess it helps to read the rules LOL GL everyone Thanks Dan
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