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  1. I would like to thank you all for your condolences on the passing of my daughter From the bottom of my heart thank you Rob (memart)
  2. GoneFishin it,s open from 9 to 3

  3. I got the tee fitting from napa and i do have two primer bulbs one on each line
  4. It's easy to do and i can run both motors at the same time Rob
  5. DT Powersports in Uxbridge they did a great job on my boat
  6. Happy Birthday Lloyd hope you have a great day
  7. You can buy 9 inch risers for walker riggers for $50 each i have them on my boat Rob
  8. Go down Brock st south by port whitby lots of people fish for cats there great place to take your grandson
  9. Happy Birthday Brian have a great day bud
  10. Happy Birthday bother hope you have a great day
  11. Sorry for your lost my condolences to you and your family
  12. Thats a nice feed of perch to bad Ryan missed that laker now i want to see that perch with a belly as big as yours LOL Rob
  13. Good to see you get back out there maybe when you start to get some fish i will come up and go out with you
  14. Hey joey it was J.J'S TEXAS GRILL
  15. Happy Birthday Paul hope you have a great day
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