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    Fishing with my better half, hockey, takin the time to smell the roses and oh ya did I mention fishing.
  1. WTG Bro, looks like ya had a decent day and as you said the rain is good for the fish and less crowded for you. Nice Crappies and I bet the Pike was fun...or at least it looks fun in the pic. A good day in the rain will always be a fav time for me to fish it's just the wet gear and drying it all out that suks...lol. Hope we do as well with the eyes up at Quinte this week. Good luck if ya get out again, cya Fri.
  2. Headed to Prince Edward County on the Lake O side at Waupoos on Monday-Friday hope to get into some eye action and toothies.
  3. Seen him in T.O. many moons ago, guess the dragon slayed him this time. Long live the Dio we all remember RIP and rock the heavens and hells of wherever you are.
  4. I guess it's only fitting that the worlds two best hockey teams are goin to OT. Breathe and lets get it done now boyz.
  5. Pronger's gotta be more aggressive and use his size.
  6. Bench Heatly. He's not on his game and he's gonna cost more bad than good.
  8. What good would the olympics be if it didn't showcase the worlds best at every event, regardless of their day job....am I right????
  10. Don't mess with Getzy, you will pay.
  11. Everthing on the honey-do list gets put on hold for THE game and the final day of the games. My better half, our beagle buddy and I will be settling in on the couch and lazyboy chair shortly with plenty of snacks and munchies. Everything else just doesn't matter....this is our game.
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