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  1. Nice size on those, good angling! What were they biting on? What's your set-up? Heading out on Simcoe early next week.
  2. Before I had laser eye corrective surgery (best thing ever), I used cocoons in amber over my glasses. They work real well and block out the light coming in from the sides. I have a pair of aviator rayban-P's now, still in amber. All around the best tint IMO
  3. Great point Sinker! Avoid anti-freeze if you have pets.
  4. At least you know they have a taste for PB! Set up a 5gal bucket with a clothes hanger wire across the opening, threading an old toilet paper roll length-wose on it so it spins around the wire. Fill bucket 1/4 with anti-freeze, smoother some PB on the roll and set up a ramp(s) using old pieces of wood up the side of the bucket. The mice will step on to the roll and fall over into the bucket, with no way to escape. The anti-freeze eliminates the smell if you dont get to em' in a couple of days. Goodluck!
  5. Haven't stayed at Mountain, last time was at Red Cedar Lodge. Was last there October, cold mornings dust of snow on the ground. Most productive spot for us was the North west end of the lake where the river enters the main basin; good deep current between the big island and North shore, drop shotting live minnows for pike and eyes. Good luck! beauty of a lake. Prop
  6. To be treated as regular muskie: length and possesion limits according to zone and exceptions. I've heard they are sterile, but can't say for sure, never got one that excited.
  7. 11 in a day with 7 over 40 amazing! New water is always a challenge. I've put lots of time on Gbay with nothing to show but some pikes. That's until i started trolling for walters and got a mid 40s but a fatty lol. Good read and some nice shootin'! Prop
  8. I fish it two to three times a year; Good advice above. Put in at Rosedale. 10-15 weedlines. Drop-shotting 3 inch gulp minners for bass; slow rolling a smaller spinnerbait by the weed edges will get you some eyes. I have no luck for musky on this body of water. That said, my personal best walter came from this lake trolling an 8-inch jointed beleiver in Perch pattern Good luck.
  9. Just some clarity on a legal point, the allegations by ex-staffers provided to the police as requested of these individuals as part of an investigation is not hearsay as the staffers were giving their personal accounts of the mayor's activity and not accounts they heard from others. Interviews conducted in assistance of a police investigation are protected under qualified privilege. These statements were made to an authority, not the media; we found out about them because the record was unsealed by the Court and reported in the media. Thus, any defamation lawsuit against these individuals, as was suggested by Mr. Ford, would have no standing before the Court. Now, my personal opinion on the politics, as a resident and taxpayer of the City, is that this is a distraction from the issues our government should be engaged in...from crumbling infrastructure, improving our transportation systems, fixing pot-holes, improving our way of life and making investments for future generations. Our votes and tax money are being spent on nothing more than political jockeying/branding and media outlets selling headlines. We've lost sight that we elect officials to conduct the business of the city and not perpetually score political points or hide/mislead when things go awry. We elect and hold elected officials to higher standards than our own, to conduct business bigger than our own; They should conduct themselves accordingly. The chaos ensuing down at city hall, the passionate arguments here and on the street, conclude that the public trust has been broken. The unfortunate reality is those that broke it are in charge of fixing it and politics has prevailed over governance. But it makes for great water cooler talk. Prop
  10. I think whatever was purported to be in the glass pipe is a sideshow; something sensational that the media and Ford's adversaries can parade in the spot light - pure politics a year ahead of an election. It is distracting from larger, more important questions. - If Lisi is tried and convicted in extortion to get the infamous tape the question must be asked: What is Lisi's material interest in the tape that drove to the extortion allegations? Who has material interest in the tape's contents and are they involved in the alleged extortion plot? -Has the Mayor used his office or the influence of the office to interfere in a police investigation or pending Court proceeding? -Is the Mayor purchasing/facilitating the purchase of a controlled illegal substance (i know controlled substances act but still enters through criminal justice system)? All the other stuff, hanging out in a school parking lot with a known drug dealer (may be considered trespassing - trespass to property act) , having a couple bottles of vodka in a public park that is not a campsite (open liquor in a public place - liquor licesne Act) is not a criminal offense. Regardless, the Mayor is innocent until proven otherwise, but the deck is being stacked and not in his favour. As citzens we have a right to weigh activites and behaviour of our elected officials when at the ballot box. Until then, our justice system will address the issues if there is standing to do so.
  11. Hello fellow OFCers, I have the opportuity to vist the Florida Gulf Coast this December, about an hour North of Tampa, and have been doing a little homework with regards to rules, regulations and learning as much as I can watching the saltwater shows on OFC. I would like to present an inquiry to the community, for those who have the experience, on some issues I would like to explore. The waters themselves, as mentioned on the Gulf Coast, lie in a community interwoven by canals with direct access to the open Gulf. I will have a 16 foot aluminum with a 25hp outboard which I intend to stay close to shore with and, if the opportunity presents itself, set out for deeper water in a larger, sea-worthy vessel. I will likely hire a guide for a day to absorb some local knowledge. I did a little scouting last year on a boat trip around the area (no rod-in-hand as I didnt have a license) and the water is shallow anywhere between 2-6 feet close to shore; house lined shores to the South and tall grass flats to the North. Extending into the Gulf is probably a couple miles of coral flats maybe 2-3 foot deep. In Florida there are two main types of fishing licenses for non-residents: saltwater and fresh water. I will be purchasing the saltwater liscence. That said, say I venture up a creek that is brackish water (mix of salt and fresh water) do I need to get a freshwater license? What are your experiences fishing tides? Do I fish high tide? low tide? between high and low and vice versa? Total newb to the saltwater thing here. What are some basic set-ups, bait presentations, lures and methods that have brought some fish in the net? Thank you in advance. I look forward to your input. And yes, I will watch for sharks, and, if within casting range, may take a crack at one lol. Prop
  12. Appreciate the report, particularily the particulars on this body of water. Hopefully the info will be of use to future, conservation minded anglers. Thanks.
  13. Beauty Tiger and good fishing. Sound like you boys had a great time.
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