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  1. Awesome! Nice fish, thanks for sharing!
  2. aha wow, seems L. Buckhorn is a popular lake, I too have seen some large ones pulled from there. But as Lew and some of the others said, the biggest ones are going to be found on the bigger bodies of water. Will take you longer to figure those bodies out though of course...
  3. Thanks guys! You're right, I personally have trouble keeping anything over 25", even from quinte, I just find the big ones don't taste nearly as good anyways. But hey, you're allowed one over 24.8, just sucks to see guys keeping the 12lbers... oh well. You're also right about it being tough on new guys. I have only been to Quinte a handful of times and my buddy didn't get one on his first trip sadly... It can really make you question your skills ahaha! I have started to get a pattern down but it can be tough! Especially since we don't have a sled or anything so it's hard to get to some of my preferred spots without a brutal trek lol, but oh well, they'll be there next season! Happy fishing!
  4. Here's one Dad got, however he doesn't want me posting pictures of him online so with some specialized technology I had to modify the picture... lol
  5. The eaters were all about 17-24 inches, about the size of this one and this one
  6. Well I posted my first one in the wrong place lol oops, but oh well. The report is from February, when I headed to Quinte with my dad and my buddy gkasko. The aim was to get us into some bigguns, and to actually land a big eye for gkasko. Alas that didn't happen so I owe him a couple next time we're out! I got a couple of these real nice ones on the pause, only one picture attached, but they were both handled with much diligence and were immediately released with no problems! As I said, we didn't land any monsters, but we did manage three around 7 pounds and a couple eaters. Dad lost one big one due to a very poor hookset... but oh well, next season will give him a chance at redemption! lol
  7. I worked at Costco for six years, I got used to almost getting crushed by cars daily while I was outside lol. I probably would have just looked at her and shook my head, people like that don't seem to learn and there's no point in making a big deal out of it ahahaha
  8. Yea I just saw this on Facebook as well! certainly something I am going include in my budget when I get a quad or sled! It is expensive, but I don't think you can really put a price on safety... metaphorically speaking lol. Thanks for sharing though eh
  9. Yea that's weird, I didn't think Upper Buckhorn had that much current or anything, but I could be wrong I have pretty much only fished lower... Glad the guys okay! But on a side note, did you guys read some of the comments people were posting? some pretty obnoxious people lol, some nice ones as well though don't get me wrong
  10. I was more referring to the "look both ways before you cross" thing. However; I was the same way, learning to ride a bike was much more painful than driving the boat...
  11. Nice report! thanks for sharing! I have also thought the hooks were too large, but all the guides I talked to when I have been out ocean fishing said its not necessarily the hook size that causes the problem rather, its how hard the fish hit the baits and how hard their jaws are that sometimes they just don't catch - and the smaller ones bend out and break too easily resulting in more lost fish... I was never sure if they were being totally honest or just politely insinuating that I was doing something wrong lol, oh well, at least you had run right!? I sure feel out of shape most every time I catching something out there lol
  12. I am glad someone posted some of those stats so I didn't have to! lol And bigugli, I can remember when they were taught to me by my parents before I was in school aha, but maybe that's something of the past?
  13. aha yea that would be awesome to see! At least your minnow money went to helping a threatened species though I suppose lol
  14. Those are some pretty good savings! How old is your truck? We have a Honda Odyssey its been pretty good so far apart from the door, but I do find all of these places nickle and dime you... Lots of really good points here!
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