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  1. at one time I searched around for months looking for a cheap sled to pull my gear in, couldnt really find the appropriate piece of plastic so I just went and bought one designed for ice fishing. Its an Otter, It was well worth the 60 bucks.
  2. Oh man thats a rip in the pants. Hope she gives you a few more years.
  3. ok, so you will have a bucket of minnows with you. Send them down on a small jig and wait for the bite. If they arent biting, downsize your jig. If that dosent work, try tipping a spoon with a minnow or minnow head.
  4. What kind of tackle have you got? Id bring some really small ice fishing jigs, a small spoon and a jigging rap. are you fishing from a hut or are you mobile?
  5. I dont think you will have a problem with the transducer getting too cold.
  6. I use my cuda 168 portable on the ice and it works fine. the drawbacks are you have to build a mount for the skimmer transducer, you have to drill a seperate hole for it, and the lcd display does not work very well in super cold temperatures. Other than that it does the trick, but its not as nice as a flasher.
  7. do you consider checking trans fluid levels "transmission work"?
  8. I think the nicknaming thing started with the baby boomers and everyone else felt left out, so we started coming up with "generation x" and "the silent generation" The term "baby boomer" has meaning behind it. The others do not.
  9. I am seeing more hawks on our farm this year than ever before. Since the winter set in ive been seeing one on average every couple of days. I always assumed they were red tail hawks, but after reading this thread im not so sure. The hawks ive been seeing looked more like a juvenile coopers hawk but I really cant be sure. In the fall I had a dozen or so layer chickens outside free ranging. I came around the shed in time to see a really small hawk nail one of my full grown hens dead on. He then nonchalantly circled around and sat on a tree watching the chicken run for its life uninjured. Must have been a lack of experience on the hawks part. Funniest thing was when my rooster came running in full tilt kill mode. He would have met that hawk on the ground if he could. Still makes me laugh just to think about it.
  10. Did you check your transmission fluid levels? If you have none you could be in trouble.
  11. You dont put the bones in your mouth, You take the meat off the bone with a fork. Sometimes I cook trout this way in the oven, but with the skin on. When you serve it you just take chunks of meat off and since the ribcage is still attached to the spine, it lifts off bone free.
  12. The ribcage remains, but the point is there is no wasted meat. The meat can be pulled of the bones on the plate with your fork. Its a great way to diversify the way you cook perch. These bodies can be a part of a tray bake with veggies or broiled under a broiler. The body cavities can be stuffed with herbs and lemon and but on a screaming hot bbq.
  13. Ive been meaning to get one of those...
  14. There was alot of slush. The ice was about 8 inches thick but there was well over a foot of snow on it. When I drilled the holes water rushed up from it a little bit. I assume its from the weight of the snow on the ice.
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