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  1. Hi, When I bought my new boat, I called ahead to make sure that when I went to the license bureau that I had everything. I was trading my old boat and when she asked me for the old boat's V.I.N. I read it off to her. She said that I was short one number, that there should be 17 numbers. So I call the dealer where I traded my old boat and asked them to go out in the yard and check my boat's V.I.N. They read back to me the same 16 digit number I had. I then told them my dilema and he told me that they run into this all the time and to simply add a zero at the beginning. Went back in and gave her the same number with a zero at the beginning and voila...it went thru. Go figure....
  2. Hi, I just renewed my subscription to Sirius for a year for $119.00. This was because they had a special where you get a discount for 6 months. Even at full price it was only going to be something like $142.00 for the year. And this includes being able to play it on my computer as well as on the sattelite radio in my truck. No commercials, good reception just about anywhere, many, many stations to choose from, just to mention a few reasons. I just hope pay-radio doesn't go the same way pay-TV went. Remember back when pay-TV was introduced the selling point was that you will pay for the new TV stations but there would be no commercials, as subscriptions would replace advertising revenues. Then they started to have station identification commercials because that was not really advertising....right? Then they started having ads to support the stations sponsors because that wasn't really advertising.....right?. Over time we now have more commercials than ever on pay-TV (except for the Movie Channel I believe). Anyway, I had the same opinion....why pay when you can get radio for free. But it came with my new truck, and I found I really liked it, and for about $10/month, hey why not!
  3. Wake up dude!!!! It's because we ARE naive, brainless, idiots. First, politicians are nothing more than puppets of big business. Second, any group of people that continue to allow their so-called Gov't to rape us like they do, deserve every tax and/or price increase they get. We are after all spineless Canadians. So do all your complaining on a fishing message board and next election, go ahead and vote in one of the 3 major parties....again!!!
  4. Here ya go bud! Merry X-mas http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUELu8o5KJg
  5. The instant I realize it's a telemarketer calling I simply hang up. No sorry's, no explanation, no nuthin....just the sound of click and the line going dead for anyone calling our number. May sound rude to some, but I think it's rude to call someone's private home number with a sales pitch. Besides, I don't owe anyone an explanation why I don't want their crap. Now if I could only find a way to stop receiving unwanted faxes.
  6. My Lund Sendero 1650 is very similar in size (but with full windsheild) and I love it. Very stable and economical.
  7. I wouldn't worry too much about the charge lasting 5 times longer. I used to have a 14 foot/20hp tiller with a 28lb. thrust MinnKota. I could use the trolling motor all day long on a single charge. Seeing as you should charge the battery after each use anyway, having a charge left over from the first day of fishing becomes a useless point. Also many may suggest going as big as you can. The argument is that sometimes you may get caught in 4 foot waves and it's nice to have extra power, however, if you get caught in 4 foot waves with a 12' foot boat, you have bigger issues than how much thrust your trolling motor may have. There's no substitue for paying attention to the weather reports before heading out on the water. I'd be taking up that offer on the 33lb. thrust offered by Greg14.
  8. I use Cool Edit at home for personal use. Easy to use. The interface on most programs are similar. If you get more serious about home recording then another vote for Cubase.
  9. Hey Lew, talk about threading the needle, here in Chesterville, the old Flynn Hotel was recently demolished. With the building half ripped down, there was a toilet hanging on for dear life on the second floor. Well the crane operator gingerly closed the lid with the massive claw, pushed down on the flusher and then WHAM!!!! slammed the whole thing down to the ground (to the excited cheers of many onlookers).
  10. A few years ago I read an article that said, according to MNR statistics, the number of new fishermen entering the sport was in sharp decline. I think the perception that there are more fishermen these days comes from the fact that there are far more boat owners these days as compared to several years ago, when owning a 14 footer was a luxury. Which means more and more fishermen have access to all the secret fishing holes. Then there is the internet, which sometimes gives away peoples so-called secret holes (another topic altogether). That may be why it appears that there are more fishermen on the water. I recall that in the late 80's and early 90's the sport of fishing seemed to explode with more and more products. Of course this is only my opinion and my observations are from my area here in E.O.
  11. We used a Yamaha acoustic to record the acoustic tracks on our CD and were very happy with the sound, however it belonged to the studio and I have no idea what it was worth. You may want to check out Godin Guitars. Very good quality in the price range you are looking at and Canadian made. They also sell guitars under several other names (Norman, Art & Luthrie, Simon & Patrick, Lapatrie, etc.). I have had a Norman guitar for almost 30 yrs and it still has excellent sound quality. http://www.godinguitars.com/
  12. Not to mention very, very unprofessional. Great example to set for students. Then again we have teachers getting paid leave to go on the campaign trail with the Liberals out here in eastern Ontario, so this doesn't surprise me in the least.
  13. Hehe, I am a design draftsman, mainly mechanical design in factories, but I have done many house plans and renovation drawings over the years, and have done a lot of architectural drawings for industry as well. With the new regs in the Ontario "building code" I now cannot do residential drawings for anyone as the gov't. deems me to be unqualified (I only have 35 years experience). You see I would first have to spend approx. $1,000 to take their two Bull courses (technical and legal)then write their two Bull exams. If I pass the exams then I would have to register with the Province of Ontario...but they won't register me without insurance, which is between $6,000 and $8,000/year. But heres the kicker....a homeowner with absolutely NO experience is allowed to draw and submit their own plans. And it's just a scam to get more tax dollars anyway. For example, 4 years ago we put in an above ground pool and a deck. I was allowed to do my own plans as I was, in this case, the homeowner. After the pool/deck was installed they sent an appraisal company to measure and photograph my new deck and my property taxes instantly increased by $240/year. It's not about homeowner protection as they claim, it's about getting more tax dollars. Not a real good incentive for getting a building permit anymore. In the future if I do any home renos inside the home, there will be no building permit involved. As a side note, with these new Ont. building code regs, the gov't. even wanted professional engineers to get requalified with their Bull program. Well the P.E.O.'s said "hey it was us engineers who wrote the building code in the first place" took the gov't. to court and won! Bunch of pencil-pushers in suits and ties trying to tell people in the design business how to do their job. Looks good on them, although I wonder how many of our tax dollars were spent fighting the P.E.O.'s in court. End of rant!!!
  14. This is the blue jay sound I was referring to. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEKNxu7dLvE&feature=related
  15. If it sounds similar to a fart it could be a "brown-eyed warbler"
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