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  1. Thanks all. Yes, targeting this species is weird, but, for a rookie looking for action ( a friend new to fishing ) a few tips is a good thing! I have caught them on cleos on consectuive casts, so, I think they school and work the bottom.
  2. jig & worm? floating? sinkin'?
  3. what is the best setup for this fish?
  4. Anyone starting to itch to do some fishing at Ontario Place? Any target dates?
  5. Hey all, Was looking for a used pontoon boat that is short ( less than 12 feet long). I have seen them before and was wondering if anyone has experience with them and/or suggest a manufacturer of one. Parents are looking for a "knee-friendly" means of transport. TIA
  6. If it is fly-in, the lake is probably stacked with walleye. Bring a bunch of colours and have a go at it. I like the extra-long twister tails ( about 6" long ). Yellow seems to do the trick
  7. I usually put the carcass back into the water for all the beasties to munch on. In a couple days, even the bones are gone. Recycle
  8. You should consider getting a different colour bucket. There are always a few bad apples out there no matter where you go... "Sure, racial slurs have now become the norm to me while fishing in any area outside of the bigger cities like Toronto, Hamilton, and Belleville." I am surprised that you always have problems outside the metro areas. I find fishing a great way to talk to others ( different race incl. ) not a medium for aggression and tension. I always wondered why people get ticked at the "white buckets"? I guess they do no like people keeping tons of smaller fish? Who knows. The only time I get upset at any angler is if they are breaking the law and continue to do so after being told. I would not let these bullies get you down, their behaviour is clearly wrong.
  9. Being a product designer, I would suggest using 2 screws per side. The greater the distance between the screws on each side the more rigid the design. It would also be beneficial to have the aluminum piece be an angle rather than a strip. My 2 cents.... If it works... use it.
  10. Wondering if anyone has had some luck there with salmon?
  11. where were you if you do not mind me asking?
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