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  1. We used planer boards on a Musky charter I went on in Lighthouse Cove, Lake St.Clair. Our lines were all set within 40ft behind the boat! We caught a total of 8 Musky that day, with most of the fish being caught with the 12 - 20ft set rods! Planers seemed to work good, all fish were braught in fast for a quick picture and release. Yes I agree, if the lines were set at 200ft behind the boat, you would be releasing them to their death. But there are other ways to ensure that doesn't happen on planers.
  2. Ya just talk to the locals! Definatly pack big blade spinners, jigs, bodybaits, Heavy gauge hooks and leaders etc. I've fished around the Holguin area twice, dude the fishing there is awesome! If you get talking to a descent cat on your resort he may be able to hook you up with a friend of his that fishes! Thats what I did and got a full day "charter" for 45 pesos! Plus they cooked me a lunch and had cold beer! This was just mangrove fishing not deep sea! Have a good time!
  3. I want to try that on the wife when she falls asleep on the couch! ha ha
  4. Ya I'm learning that now, hard to keep the hair off!
  5. Your lookin at around $1350 bucks! I never got the official weight of the bear, but it was roughly 300 lbs. The price varies depending on how big the bear is. You definatly pay a little more, and it took a year, but it is truly one of the most badass rugs ever ha ha! Can't say enough good things about Advanced Taxidermy.
  6. Just got my bear rug from Advanced Taxidermy. Couldn't be happier with the way it turned out! Check em out www.advancedtaxidermy.com Here is a couple pics.
  7. Ive been wondering the same thing! I'm guessing the ice on Arron is alright now after this cold week! Have you fished Cameron much?
  8. Thanks, I'm definatly gonna try that
  9. Ya they look awesome. I'm looking for a good boat for Lake Huron waters and other lakes! so I'm thinking the Alaskan is a better choice!
  10. What about a Lund Alaskan 1800 anyone?
  11. Nice, just wrote that all down. Is less time 5 hrs then? or just no more than 7 hrs for moist meat? Thanks again that looks like a tasty brineski!!
  12. I just remembered this one, Its not for the smoker tho! Lake Erie Monster Texas Toast PineRiver medium cheddar Pickeral fillets(1/4pound) Mayo Fresh Jalapeno or Relish or Both Pepper. Butter This is good for 2 sangys Batter Pickeral and pan fry in oil/or deep fry. Darryl Cronzys batter is sweet! Butter TexasToast as you would to prepare a grilled cheese Prepare a tartar sauce with Mayo and Relish , Pepper and lemon juice . I replaced relish with a Jalapeno because I dislike relish, and it adds a bit of zip to the sandwhich. You can add both together. Preheat Oven at 350F / place buttered TexasToast on a baking sheet. Put 2 pieces of cheese on each slice, put 1 fillet on 2 slices Cook for 3 - 5 mins / Remove from oven and put it together. Serve with the tartar sauce you made, and your good. I found this in a Field&Stream mag so yes, there were a few more things it called for in this recipe, and correct measurements but I have sinced lost the article and have just winged it a few times, and it turns out great. I'm sure you could add whatever for flavour.
  13. Lets get some smoker recipes goin on here! I own a Bradley myself but any recipe for any smoker would be cool to see! Oh ya and does anyone got a good brine mixture they use for salmon/trout?
  14. Sweet! does he have the tiller or the SS. I might break down and buy one ha ha
  15. Thanks, I'll definatly check it out!
  16. Anyone own a Lund Fury? Just lookin for some reviews!!
  17. Thanks for the info,I'm not that experienced in a canoe, in Algonquin that is, so I'll definatly keep that in mind!
  18. This is my first time spring fishing in the park! Were most the lakes still froze over beginning to mid of May last year?
  19. Nice fish!, I've wanted to try Splake fishing for a long time now!!
  20. FLW American Bass tournaments, Nothing against the Americans, but that my friends has got to be the worst fishing television show! And I freeking love bass fishing. BOOM!
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