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  1. Good game so far and its nice to hear a canadian broadcasting classic tonight! Bob Cole... Go leafs!
  2. Just wondering, if burkie was the former gm and president of the club, and nonis is hired as the g.m and senior vice president. Who is the president of the leafs?
  3. Hello everyone..... I am planning a quick trip to the "big smoke" with my girlfriend and my mother-in-law this upcoming weekend.... Seeing that I am a northern guy and rarely visit this area I am unsure how to proceed in purchasing tickets for these upcoming games. Mom has been a HUGE Jays fan since the 80's and has never seen a game at the Rogers centre.. So, my girlfriend and I are anxious to show her the jays up close and personal with great seats and good accommodations. I am looking for some guidance, can someone help this Northern guy out? Should we purchase tickets and hotel room in advance, or.... find an online jays-hotel/ticket package? I am soooo confused! We're going to have a blast but need some assistance figuring this out! Thanks in advance! GO JAYS GO!! Blaine
  4. I'm really sick and tired of being on the water waiting for the right picture of fish, wildlife, snap the pictures.... get back home and load the pics up to be dissapointed of the quality of a really nice picture gone bad because of the camera quality. I have the oppurtunity to purchase a 3 year old NIKON D40 still in box never used. The buyer is looking to get $500.00 for the camera. Is this a fair price? It seems that most on ebay that are used or refurbished run $150.00 or so? Im hoping you photograpy guys would step up and help a newbie out! So, whats a Nikon d40 new, still in box run for?
  5. I will be visiting new family and friends in Cambridge, and will have the oppurtunity fishing Lake Ontario. Holy crap am i ever pumped to be fishing the big waters considering most of my fishing life, I have spent most my days on quiet, small back lakes! All of my fishing excursions are close to home trolling, jigging for a pickeral, or throwing a senkos for a small mouth bass! I am so totally out of my element seraching for a salmon and have no idea what to expect! Lake ontario, here I come! woo hooooo! Any tips for a newbie?
  6. That link doesnt work for me but everything else does. Strange! Anyone else with the same troubles?
  7. And of course the chipmunks...... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dnrosVyamY
  8. A Christmas classic in my family.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ThYX967mONQ
  9. http://forums.oodmag.com/forumdisplay.php?f=14 Ontario out of doors hunting forum
  10. Seen this tonight on the news also.. There obviouslly was a decline of the ground surface reaching towards the tracks to have a carriage roll off like that. Why arent all subway waiting areas protected with a negative rolling effect so this doesnt happen ever again. Change the slope of the floor surface!!
  11. Oh My Joey.. It has been only hours that I had seen your post with your father fishing and now this.. Im sooo sorry to hear of your loss.. My condolonces to you and Paul.. Be well
  12. Hp sauce and Franks Red hot sauce in my fridge.. What is this Ketchup stuff?
  13. Thank you for the awesome pictures.. Great trip!!
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