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  1. 300

    Cooks Bay

    I did eat the rest. Lol
  2. 300

    Cooks Bay

    ya. Like a bass tournament. Lol. Thanks
  3. 300

    Cooks Bay

    Thanks. Might go back again. Lol. Not on opening day thou
  4. 300

    Cooks Bay

    Well it’s time on cooks bay with all the other boats. My son caught a couple
  5. 300

    Cooks Bay

    Lol. Not looking for hot spots. Just asking if it’s good bass fishing there. Thanks
  6. 300

    Cooks Bay

    Ok. I just googled Cooks bay Marina. Anything you can tell me about Cooks bay. Thank you
  7. Hello. I’ve never fished cooks bay. Want to go sometime this summer for bass fishing with my son. There’s a launch at Gilford I believe. I’ve goggled bass fishing apparently good at south end around pads and weeds. Not looking for spots, but is it good bass fishing. Thank you
  8. Thanks for all responses, Talking to someone that’s has been there, he had good luck with live minnows. I myself don’t use live bait. Guess I’ll go get some artificial minnows
  9. Hello. With this extremely hot summer, has anyone fished for Bass in this lake near Lake Rosseau, when out once and got skunked. Any tips where in this lake to go. Thanks
  10. Yes Chip was in. Took out, cleaned it, and put back in Funny I'm 1/2 hr from Georgian bay and it picks it up. Mmmm
  11. Hello. Went to a new lake the other day. Horseshoe by Parry Sound My Elite5 had Sonar but no navigation. It's like it didn't recognize the lake. Any tips ? Thanks
  12. Hi, My son and I went to Horseshoe lake today south of Parry. Sound 1,st time on lake. On Lake at 6 am. Off t 1 pm. It was hot, we covered the whole lake. Nothing not even a small htt. Went shallow, went deep Apparently there is bass in there(. ( so I've been told) Any pointers. That anyone can give Thanks
  13. Ok. What abut horseshoe lake near there, any goood fishing there?? Thanks
  14. Hi, never been to this lake. Off Hwy 69 & 141, How's the bass fishing there, also any public boat launches Thanks in advance
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