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  1. You are very lucky to live in such a scenic area of Ontario with all the lakes and river
  2. Thanks for the pictures of the area
  3. Thanks for the report Cliff. I enjoy reading them and you have me really interested in traveling to the area as retirement looms this year.
  4. Will that affect where you can fish on the weekend?
  5. I have not sold my boat yet but it is becoming a decoration at the dock. Does anyone fish the yak bass tournaments in the area? There is one on Balsam lake on July 7th. I am not sure if the link can be added to the forum however if you search yakfisher you will find the information.
  6. Looks like a great trip. I agree the yak fishing is a lot of fun
  7. I use the brand Costco sells. I am not hard core fishing either.
  8. Reach Harbour on Lower Buckhorn has nightly cottage rentals. Two of the cottages have recently been renovated
  9. The Stratos 486 is a great boat to play and fish with. It has lots of storage for gear and supplies. The only fishing concern would be if you use one piece rods. It does not have storage for them unless you place them in the floor compartment.
  10. I purchase the trailer in the park and the current owners dock had access to power and the park gave me the dock so problem solved. I did come up with another option which was to rent a dock at a Marina a couple times a week. The cost would be $10 for the day or $20 for a night. Thanks for your suggestions
  11. TY for your suggestions. I will look at buying the Costco cart. I will have power at the trailer and in my shed so it will be easy to charge them.
  12. I am looking at purchasing a trailer in a park on Pigeon lake. The docks do not have access to power. How can I keep my batteries charged? I can think of a couple of options: Solar - I have tried this in the past and usually find they only charge to 3/4 Have 2 sets of batteries and replace them every few days Does anyone know of a quiet generator I could purchase? The park did say I could use one as long as there were no complaints Thanks in advance for any help
  13. I am staying at Beachwood as well this week. If you fish the West side of deer bay just south of Beachwood you will find a nice rock ledge to fish. The 3 sisters is a bit of a paddle from the resort. Walleye fishing used to be good in front of the resort at night in the weeds.
  14. You could try Rosedale Marina. They rent boats but they are north of Fenelon Falls
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