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  1. This is a link to a free course for a year on how your camera works and to use it. I have found it use full. You get an email every week with a lesson/task to try A Year With My Camera
  2. I am in Lonesome Pine Trailer Park on Pigeon Lake. It's a great park. Look on Kijiji and you should see trailers for sale. I don't think there are any empty lots. One advantage they have over other parks is power at some of the boat docks if you need it. Most parks won't allow a generator to charge batteries.
  3. Try the Kawartha Lakes. Lots of good kayak fishing
  4. Check out Sergio on Netflix's if you like documentaries.
  5. I have had a Kayak for 2 years and I use it more then my bass boat. I spent around $1000 for it. It is comfortable, stable easy to travel and store. There is nothing more thrilling then catching a fish and have it drag you around in it. I have a Tarpon 120
  6. You are very lucky to live in such a scenic area of Ontario with all the lakes and river
  7. Thanks for the report Cliff. I enjoy reading them and you have me really interested in traveling to the area as retirement looms this year.
  8. Will that affect where you can fish on the weekend?
  9. I have not sold my boat yet but it is becoming a decoration at the dock. Does anyone fish the yak bass tournaments in the area? There is one on Balsam lake on July 7th. I am not sure if the link can be added to the forum however if you search yakfisher you will find the information.
  10. Looks like a great trip. I agree the yak fishing is a lot of fun
  11. I use the brand Costco sells. I am not hard core fishing either.
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