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  1. I do hope these Reg's get approved. In the last 2 years, I've spotted at least 2 of those darned things on either Sinclair Lake or on the Grassy River between Sinclair and Kapiskong Lake about 25 Km North-East of Shining Tree. I've love to help maybe delay their spread into the Grassy River system although it's probably inevitable.
  2. If your thinking of it as a retirement or even semi-retirement investment, run like hell the other way. Running a lodge is a virtual 20 hour a day occupation in the high season and is not for the faint at heart or for those getting older. Not only can it cost you your health and wealth, but often the "better half" gets dragged into it and their enthusiasm quickly wanes and there goes that part of your life.
  3. For sure the Anti-Squirrel Cruelty Prevention League will demand that this website be shut down for professing such cruelty and showing squirrel BDSM porn. LOL!
  4. A friend of mine and a buddy were baiting for bear this August. The buddy found a large dead pickerel on shore near his cottage. He picked it up and used it to bait the bear bait site. Somehow the Ministry found out and the buddy got a visit from a CO. The CO only warned him not to do it again but made it very clear to him that it was illegal and next time a charge would be laid. I don't remember the exact provision under which the charge would be based but apparently it is clearly illegal even if the intent is only to clean it up to stop it from stinking. Apparently, you have to notify the Ministry and get permission first.
  5. I used to have the same problem with using the cheaper tarps as fly-tarps for our combined dining tent/breezeway/main sleeping tent set-up. Although they are considerably more expensive, I started buying the heavier tarps that are sold at feed/farm supply stores and I don't mean TSC. Just bought my second one this year only because the one I bought 5 years ago was just starting to have grommet problems. Here in Owen Sound, I buy them from the Co-op ( Huron Bay Co-op. ) My new 20 ft X 30 ft was $ 107. + tax but worth every cent.
  6. Yes, Fisherman, I would have ended up as my own customer if something fatal had happened. Guess what I do as a part-time job in retirement. I manage the local Catholic cemetery where my wife and I own our plot!
  7. I already own one Coleman BearCat catalytic heater and want to get another one. I know they are not foolproof and I always carry a small battery operated CO detector in my pop-up trailer or tent when we use it. The CO detector which I install down near the floor probably saved my life 2 weeks ago when the propane fridge in the trailer malfunctioned. The CO detector up on the ceiling of the trailer which was factory installed never even gave out a peep. I thank God I trusted my instincts and installed the extra one down near the floor where I figured the heavier CO would accumulate if something malfunctioned. Now back on my original topic, when I went shopping for the catalytic heater, both in the local CTC and Wal-Mart outlets, I couldn't find any. Apparently they have now been replaced by the Coleman "SportCat" which costs 2.5 times the cost of the older Bearcat. My questions are 1) What the heck happened? Was there a multi-casualty carbon monoxide poisoning from one of these that I didn't hear about and new mandated safety features drove up the prices? & 2) Does anyone know who might carry the new model in Ontario without having to shop on-line and is there an even an on-line dealer located in Ontario. The only dealer I've found so far is located in Alberta. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. The mosquito's were the worst I've ever seen in Northeastern Ontario last year. Sounds like that may be the case again this year. I for one believe it is in large part caused by that wicked white mouth fungus that has greatly reduced the bat population over the last few years.
  9. Next time the duct cleaners call, tell them that you don't have any ducts, but that if they're any good at doing geese and chickens, you might have some work for them this fall!
  10. No, don't just drop the bears off in Toronto, find the home addresses of these bear lovers and drop them off in their backyards.
  11. I had one of those jerks knock on my door at 7:00 PM on a Friday nite in February. He got really pi#*y when I told him that there was no way that he was getting to look at my water heater at that time and that unless I got word from the company that I rent from that they were coming, he wasn't getting in. I literally had to slam the door in his face. I e-mailed the rental company that nite, and sure nuff, they hadn't sent anyone around.
  12. As one bred and raised in the Timmins area, I bristled when that idiot Harris caved into political blackmail on the Spring hunt. That hunt meant hunting and fishing lodges had a better chance of surviving. It was a large economic loss to them. The clowns in Queen's Park tried to placate them by taking more moose tags away from the locals and the lottery system and giving them to the lodges which got everyone even madder. While I was surprised to see Wynne bring it back in part, unless the locals in the designated WMU's really get into it, I don't see mush point in it. Smaller Northern communities with nuisance bear problems won't get any relief.
  13. I hope the MNR sends his name to the Canadian Border Service so that if he enters any other province, they can notify the natural resources agency in that province.
  14. The constant commercial plugging annoys the heck out of me. I rarely watch this show as the constant product plugging as well as the regular commercials just turn me off. I check in every now and then but when I see that nothing has changed, I'm gone. I'll bet some advertisers would pull some of their adds if they knew that so many people don't watch it for this reason. As an older fisherman, I see it as nothing but crass commercialism.
  15. LMAO, so is this a reflection on the Newfie or the Texan???
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