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  1. Never got a chance to go perch fishing last year and again Doug restricts travel to essential .Do I go or stay home
  2. i was there Friday and watched the guy putting the tagged fish in he went all the way to Champain pt so don't spend all your time near the bridge
  3. I was on lake Simcoe Friday fishing in 18fow and I lost count how many boats could not anchor.I don't know if im right but you should have 50ft of line on your anchor by law put it all in. 18 fow and 30ft of rope you better not be drifting into me. Ill be one sorry ass screaming at you
  4. pasha lake is a home base. I think the outpost is on Lake Nipigon which is 1/2 hr drive plus a good boat ride. We use to go to Onamen Lake that was a 45 min. drive plus a 20min. walk great walleye fishing. I haven't been in 7yrs. Lately they have been going to Northwind. lots of little lake to go to as long as you have a truck to get you in.
  5. i was told if you take B1 a couple of weeks before the bites might not be so bad
  6. hi I went last September was not impressed will i return fat chance Biggest walleye caught might of been 2lbs and not many. If you are thinking of going try one of the back lakes for bass through your outfitter the only place we did good. Could have been time of year?
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