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  1. Good condition. No cracks/dings/welds. Not used in a very long time - probably saw more action being moved from house to house in boxes than in the water.
  2. 150$ https://www.kijiji.ca/v-view-details.html?adId=1324457807
  3. I rented a cottage on that lake last summer for a week. Its not a big lake - on calm days my wife paddle boarded the whole thing in a short amount of time. There is no marina on the lake. I never saw a musky - just smallies. Its a great lake for families as there is a lot of sandy shores.
  4. I liked Jessica Jones better than Luke Cage. I found Luke Cage to be a 6 episode show stretched into 12. First 3 or 4 episodes were solid. So far best Marvel show for me is Daredevil.
  5. Also, Will what your towing WITH come into play? That fibreglass rig is probably 1k lbs heavier than the alum.
  6. I have a 1600 angler with a 50 4 stroke. Its such a wide boat and rides great. Easy tow as well.
  7. Friends of ours bought one just north of the city. One thing to keep in mind is the fees your guests will have to pay just to visit you (unless you don't want any in which case this IS the way to go)
  8. Hi All, I have navigated the Ontario Crown Land map and can see a bunch of places that theoretically I could use. Problem is, without having been on the lake before, was hoping someone could narrow down a few areas for a tent. PM if preferred. Not looking for fishing spots. Camping spot! Thanks in advance.
  9. Might have better water for kids other side of balsam if balsam is important on Cameron Lake
  10. Last year the only snowy i saw was the on ramp to the 400 south from Bass Pro
  11. That could fertilize the ground on a small farm!
  12. http://www.glerl.noaa.gov/data/dashboard/GLWLD.html Calling for above average levels this year
  13. If this is a lottery/draw type situation you might be on the hook for the insurance. You would probably be liable for the health/safety?
  14. Love to hear the insurance call on that one
  15. Yesterday while out on the water the trim up at the console stopped working. Trim down still worked. However, the motor has a switch on it and i could trim both ways from there. Is this a solenoid issue? If it is, is it something i can swap out on my own? Cheers
  16. Ended up launching at Harris Boatworks. Was 10$ but great ramp/parking facility so no biggie. Thanks all
  17. Hey all, Any decent ramps around Gores Landing? I tow a small boat with an Odyssey. IF not am i resigned to Bewdley? TIA
  18. I was in there. Launched at same place as you as the cottage was in that bay. Caught a walleye in Bucks and a 14" smallie and a similiar largemouth. Weird thing is the hundreds of beds we would see in the bays. Where the heck did they go????
  19. I spent a week on Bobs over Canada Day week. Have spent 2 weeks a year on it last number of years as my wifes family cottages on it. I have never seen a lake with such beautiful looking BASS water provide such little success. My dad and i joked that Bass were the new musky for 'fish of 1000 casts' SUre we caught bass but no size and for the effort put in its disheartening. Tons of hammerhandles, crappies and bluegills and a wonderfully scenic lake to navigate and my kids love it for swimming. My family is going again in August and im thinking of keeping the boat on the trailer and just going into other lakes for day trips.
  20. What you do will depend on your financial circumstances. I think if you could pay cash for a used one that might be the way to go. That way if you grow out of the boat in a few years you're not tied to a monthly payment. I bought a used boat off kijiji this spring after toying with new.
  21. I would think dealing with some of the clowns/drunks/jerks who might rent it out would be worse than maintenance.
  22. How many km on the truck? I was researching that vehicle like crazy and kept stumbling across this on all the V6 from 2005-2010. Coolant leaking into transmission. http://www.nissanassist.com/web/Radiator/faqs.php?menu=22 Lots of material about it on the net. I think its a relatively cheap fix if you catch it in time.
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