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  1. We did go up on shoreline avenue. Didnt see any smoke but lots of helicopters. Best cottage vacation we ever had and returning next year. Temagami is a great lake. Are u the guy with the big slide? I remember a long time ago it was on a members property. Stay safe
  2. This is truly frightening for those who live up there. I just keep thinking about those pictures from Fort McMurray. Is there any chance the fires are under control and I can take my planned family vacation there next week? I've got my buddy's place booked right across the water from Findlayson Provincial park. Was supposed to leave this Saturday.
  3. Great memories posted here and thats what its all about. Hopefully my biggest Rudd turns into my biggest cat.
  4. Nope. Channel Cat cut bait ?. Hope they like it
  5. Looked like orange fins to me but the pic looks red. I have no idea now
  6. I did a bit more digging and the Rudd is already here and worry is they could mate with Golden shiners. These fish i caught had orange fins. A rudd has red fins and golden shiner has yellow/golden fins. Maybe its a hybrid? Ill show a co the pic. Thanks
  7. Ohiofisherman thanks for the link and you nailed it. I caught a Roach. New species today!!
  8. I caught this one tonight from Spencer Creek and 3 others about half its size. I looked all over to ID it and think its a Golden Shiner but not 100% sure. Im reading they grow to max 12" but this one was 13.5". What did I catch tonight?
  9. We had some success Friday-Sunday catching 14 Lakers averaging 1-3 lbs (well 15 if you count the little guy I lost at the hole). Medium minnows with a small jig or treble off the bottom worked better than anything else. No ling pike or eyes. Was a fun weekend. Thanks for the tips guys.
  10. Thanks again guys. Great tips! I'll let you know how we do. If there are any other tips i'd like to know. Cheers
  11. Thanks for the tip. We'll have minnows. I saw a you tube video of guys jigging spoons and catching small lakers so have to try it if that fails. Anyone else been there on ice?
  12. We meet up in Minett if that narrows it down a bit
  13. Hi OFC, Looking for your insight and wisdom here. 4 of us have booked an ice bungalow for mid Jan weekend with Primetime Fishing Huts. We are all new to fishing the area but not new to ice fishing. Not sure if we are going to be in 20-40-100 ft. Any tips or experiences there would help us for sure. Thank you in advance
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