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  1. I would say that yes you need it. And for peace of mind I would get some liability only insurance on it, for the "just in case" purposes. On my old 14' tinner I paid $120/year for $300,000 liability.
  2. All depends on what you're throwing. Poppers 6'8" spinning rod, fast tip, med action with 8lb braid Walk the dog (spooks) 6'8"-7' casting rod med Hvy with a fast tip. 10-15lb braid over weeds. Open water 10-12lb floro Frogs 7'5"-8' Hvy broom stick with a softer tip. 65-80lb braid. I prefer gloomis GL2 and the bass technique series. The new Shimano crucials and cumaras are very nice aswell
  3. If you wait until the open house at Pete's you'll be able I grab a rod at a great price. Or you can go to Grimsby tackle during their spring sale. 30% off of quantum rods 10% off all other rods I would look at the st. croix triumph/Abu veritas (both 90-100 bucks) A little more for a mojo bass Shimano sellus 70 bucks and they are two piece I would stick with something 6'6"-7' long MH with a X-fast tip You can throw basically any lure you want with that rod. MH gives you a bit more back bone for toothy critters and the X-fast tip adds some sensitivity to your rods to allow you to feel softer bites.
  4. This would be my setup for multi species lake both largies and smallies. Typical of my arsenal for any tournament. 1) spinning 7'6" med fast tubes 2) spinning 7' med ex fast drop shot 3) casting 7' med/Hvy fast spinnerbaits 4) spinning 7' med ex fast for worms shakey head and weightless 5) casting 7'6" med Hvy parabolic crankbaits 6) casting 7'3" Hvy fast flipping/frogs
  5. This is the second year that this same bird has come back to this area near St. Catharines. Accept this year it brought a companion. To have a mating pair so close to home is amazing. Here are some pics courtesy of my GF
  6. Generator is full Fridge is stocked Freezer is stocked Enough fuel for 5-6 days I'm ready Bring it My guess is that it stays rain with little to no freezing
  7. There is 5 solid inches of black ice from the reports I read this afternoon
  8. I use mechanics gloves with a pair of Laytex free rubber gloves underneath. This is good until mid December After than I usle mitts I have not found a good pair of waterproof gloves I always wear the rubber gloves underneath. Best way to stay dry that I have found
  9. HTHM is 100% correct Queenston is the only launch U have to be a member of the yaught Club in NOTL to launch there It's not that far of a run I do it regularly in my 14 footer Takes me 15 mins max
  10. I don't see on the Navico website anywhere that shows a Gold+ How current and up to date are these chips?? And I'm talkin about a HD/3D chip
  11. Good luck finding any chip that has detailed mapping for simcoe They don't exist
  12. Weedeges are your best bet 7-10 ft Dropshot Senkos And crank baits Tons of fish there keep moving around the Weedeges and ull find a concentration of them for sure.
  13. Take a read... http://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/2013/08/28/second-grass-carp-caught-near-dunnville-dam
  14. Way to go! Getting back the entry fee is always the goal for tournament anglers! Congrats on a top 5 finish
  15. Thanks guys, I will be spending the later half of this week up on the Bay of Quinte. Hopefully I will be able to beat this PB and have another one'
  16. Went out yesterday. Was the first time just fun fishing, and not in a tournament in over a month. Had a great afternoon beating on some deep water largies. Crank bait and senko was the ticket to success. Inhaled the KVD 2.5 New PB 4.6 lbs Very nice for the south shore of Lake Ontario Tight lines Luke
  17. It just cost me 115 for my 3/4 ton truck last month Stupid weight laws
  18. Some line to line knots go through the eyelets better than others For me leader length is dependent on water clarity and depth And fast moving bait (crank spinner bait) doesn't need a leader Slow techniques I use a leader the length of the rod. And for really clear water. Flouro/mono mainline over braid with a leader For a knot I use a triple Sergeon knot. Quick simple and very strong
  19. Luke V.

    New Toy

    Awesome boat Second pic shows a black Suzuki
  20. Nice fish. Seems like a good time on the water Cudz Those weights were unreal! Simcoe is a smallmouth factory!
  21. Running it on a 14' Starcraft. Boat weighs ~200 pounds. Then add me and a buddy with some fishing gear. Trolling motor 2 batteries and your looking at almost 900 pounds. I can get it up to 23-24 mph. Starts 3rd pull Everytime at the launch. And first pull Everytime after that.
  22. I use bug and tar remover. It's for RVs and trailers. Works like a charm. But little pricey at 16 bucks a bottle. You can find it at any RV dealership.
  23. I have had this exact motor since new in 2009 It runs great. But you are correct. They do not like low rpms and they do not make the best motor for trolling. I have close to 200hrs on my motor and have had zero major repairs. Runs like it was new with a little maintenance each year.
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