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  1. Thanks guys. Making the trip to muskegon. Hopefully run into some fish. First time there
  2. I know I need a Michigan fishing license. But if I'm using my boat, do I need a Michigan boating safety certificate?
  3. If anyone on here is an arborist or knows one, pls pm me. Got four trees dying from the EAB. City has already given me the green light. thanks
  4. Why not put more point value on "trophy" fish? Eg. A 50+ inch musky worth more than a 45 inched... In other words, rather than overall inches vs overall species... But a point system within each species If I'm way off, lemme know... First timer here
  5. Anybody know where that money actually goes? aside from fuel recovery... It's gonna happen again and again and again... Usually helps mark the end of the ice fishing season... I wouldn't be surprised if some of those rescued are members on here
  6. Sounds like an opportunity to start an air boat rescue/taxi service... Who wants in
  7. Food for thought...Isn't this more or less like taking a ride in an ambulance? Which you have to pay for!! Should ohip stop covering idiots? So when they calculated cost/staff... Weren't those staff being paid their salaries anyways? Do firefighters get paid extra when they do their job?
  8. The largies are definitely in there. Due time and you'll find them. I've fished Percy over 20 years. The largemouth population has been consistent. Pike are growing in numbers. Crappie is hit or miss. You'll love fishing the trent. Boat traffic is a little high in the summer months tho
  9. I always used to have the winch strap attached... Until one day I watched someone else unattach theirs before lauching and actually braked hard when he backed it up. His braking hard was actually his way of helping his boat slide off the bunks by itself. It was the fastest most efficient launch I've ever seen. No getting feet wet, no need to push off nothing.
  10. yeh they've been palm packed... anyone know where i can get just the seal and the washer? does PA have em? I had gotten the kits from CT but i don't recall seeing just the seals.
  11. ahhh starting to make sense... i'll open her up tonight... hopefully that's the issue. thanks all for your input
  12. the hub doesn't have/need a race. it's conical so contacts the bearings directly. you're thinking it's the hub that's giving me grief?
  13. is it a hub or axle problem? the inner race on the inside bearing keeps seizing onto the axle no matter how much I clean and grease it up. this only happens on one side. I replaced the bearing, repacked it. took it out for one trip and the same thing happened. I get the "whirrrrrrrrrrr"ing sound when i spin the tire so something's up....but what? any feedback is appreciated.
  14. the chronarch comes with it... but unless you want a fancy one, i'm thinkin these don't look that hard to make... anyone know how to work a sewing machine??
  15. This was a SERIES of incidents that specifically targeted asian anglers and was all over the asian news until finally this truck ramming incident occurred before it made headlines all over the place. you think cops would set up an undercover sting over one incident??! as far as the media goes, as long as it wasn't a writer/editor who said it, they'll print anything. Look what happend to the espn writer with the Jeremy Lin article.
  16. Just wondering if anyone here has ever fished West Twin Lake that's north of Havelock. It's a small lake next to Kasshabog. What kind of fish? thanks
  17. I'm told there's a place just north of the airport on Kimbel that sells flats of 500. I don't know anything else about them so if you decide to check em out, please post some info.
  18. Heres a little known secret.... DISH SOAP http://www.ext.colostate.edu/pubs/insect/05547.html/ My dad uses this in the garden, works like a charm... xept for the darn squirrels
  19. I was there bout 3 weeks ago. launched out of limerick lake lodge marina on the west side of the lake. Everywhere you go is submerged timber so watch your props. LOTS of bass (including rock bass). Apparently deepest part of the lake is about 90-100 feet.
  20. anyone been to hastings resort? any fishing on that river?
  21. talk about salting the wound with all that karma talk... probably the last thing you wanted to hear... look at the bright side... everything that was lost or broken is replaceable/fixable but MOST importantly...you have a daughter that actually wants to go fishing with you and not play with dolls or think fish are gross etc. glass half full.... so where can i look for that curado?
  22. Awesome. Thanks for the quick responses. The wood is probably going but will be a project for the off season.
  23. anyone have any suggestions on how to patch a small pinhole leak? it's an old fiberglass boat with a tiny hole right at the bottom corner of the transom. Any suggestions would be appreciated. the hardware guys just told me to inject as much caulk as a i can and call it a day.. is this the right approach? what can i do to reinforce it afterwards? any suggestions/comments are appreciated.
  24. plan for a day of fishing on Rice... stop in at shimano
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