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    My 2019 Princecraft Resorter 160BT, 40 hp Merc 4-stroke tiller, with a Minn Kota Terrova iPilot 80 lb electric on the bow, and Humminbird graphs at the rear and bow. Love the boat so far, lots of room and fantastic fish-ability. The big Terrova with iPilot allows effortless trolling and anchoring. A couple of opening-weekend walleyes and a nice smallmouth caught in front of my place on the Ottawa River.
  2. Great suggestions guys. I live in the Ottawa River near Petawawa, and primarily fish there until June, then I hit the local lakes, mostly bass and walleye. I will be using the Terrova for anchoring and trolling. I had a 80lb 24V Terrova on my previous boat, a Stratos 285XL, and wondered if that same electric would have been overkill on the Resorter. I do agree that having more is better than "just enough", and a 24V setup would provide lots of insurance on this boat. I quickly looked at the front storage on a Resorter at my dealer, and it appears that two batteries will fit in there (and hopefully a 2-bank Minn Kota charger). Correction to my original question: The 80lb 24V Terrova is available in a 45" or 60" shaft length...is 45" too short? Thanks again folks.
  3. I will be ordering a 2019 Princecraft Resorter DL BT (tiller) with a 40HP EFI this winter (or buying a 2018 leftover), and will be putting a Minn Kota Terrova on the bow. The boat is 16’ long. I’m unsure if I should buy the 12V 55lb Terrova or go with the 80lb 24V Terrova? Other than the 12V / 24V option, I am concerned about shaft length up on the bow; the 55lb is only available in a 54” shaft length, while the 80lb is available in 60”. Does anyone own this boat or know anyone that does and could provide a suggestion? Thanks gang!
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    2015 Can-Am Commander 1000XT, purchased new in September 2015. Unit has 5,500 km's on logging roads in Quebec. Not used in deep water or mud, not abused. All scheduled Can-Am service completed, including one-way clutch bearing and new carbon drive belt this April. Vehicle has the following factory options: Roof Half windshield Rock sliders Headlight guards BRP/Jensen 200W 4-speaker stereo system, smartphone and USB capable Rear window mesh screen Dash mount for stereo & GPS AMP's mount for Garmin 600-series GPS (GPS not included with vehicle) Rear view mirror Rollbar-mounted mirrors In addition, vehicle has the following updates: 22" LED roof-mounted lightbar ITP SS Aluminum rims ITP Blackwater 8-ply tires in 2017 May Heavy-duty camouflage trailering/storage cover Unit is in very good condition, well-maintained and not abused. Factory warranty until 2018 September. $14,900, located in Petawawa, ON.
  5. 100_2296.JPG
    2010 Stratos 285XL DC, 2010 Evinrude ETEC 150HO, matching Stratos trailer. Boat was custom ordered in May of 2010 with the following options: Custom colours (burgundy, black raspberry and gold pinstripes). Atlas 6” manual jackplate. Tournament package (upgraded rod holders, rod ramp for passenger, measuring board, livewell lights). 8 rod tubes in port storage. Blinker-style wheel mounted trim. System-Check system integrated into speedometer. Water pressure gauge. Raker II stainless steel prop. Additional boat mounted water separating filter. 3rd passenger seat. Integrated Trailer Tiedowns. Spare trailer tire. Custom matching Stratos cover. In addition, the following upgrades have been added: Electronics updated in 2015 to RAM mounted Humminbird 859’s at console and front deck. Units have GPS chartplotting, Down Imaging, and are networked together to share waypoints. Minn Kota MK-330 3-bank built-in charger. Clarion stereo system with amplifier, USB capable. Minn Kota Terrova iPilot 80lb 24V electric motor with wireless remote. New cranking battery in 2016 and new Group 31 deep cycle batteries in 2017. Full LED lighting on both decks and under consoles. New tires on trailer in 2016. Unit is in very good condition. This boat has never been tournament fished, and has very low hours (220 hrs). Engine has had regular dealer service this spring (spark plugs, gearcase oil), BRP XD100 synthetic DI oil used exclusively, and is ready for the water. $23,900, located in Pembroke, Ontario. Email [email protected]
  6. Nice pics! Our gang was up that way this past weekend, trailered to Stonecliffe and snowmobiled to Mattawa, stayed at Valois and returned Sunday. Awesome weekend!
  7. Fished this beautiful lake for many years, it can be tough sledding. The lake is crystal clear, your best times to fish are dawn and dusk, nighttime is also a great option. We fish mainly for walleye, there are also lake trout, smallmouth bass and pike in the lake. I don’t venture too far from the end of the lake that Opeongo Mountain Resort is on. Speed varies from 1.0 to 1.5 mph. At daybreak, I troll a 2oz bottom bouncer with either a worm harness or a yellow perch coloured Rapala, on a 60 inch lead. If you are out early enough, follow the 10-20 ft breakline in front of the resort. As the morning progresses I’d move out and troll the 25-35 foot breakline, following the contour of that side of the lake in front of the resort. Watch for activity on your graph, I have found with this lake that if you aren’t marking fish or baitfish, move. The walleye will also suspend at times in this lake. Note the size (50 cm and over) and limit (2 with a sport license). At night, the ‘eyes back the baitfish into the shallows of that area, again in front of Opeongo. Trolling is your best bet also, longline a Rapala-type shallow runner and hang on. The walleye in this lake run larger than average, and fight like a banshee. For smallmouth bass, there are several shoals that run out from the shoreline or an island, these are clearly marked by a large red ball. There are some big smallies in the lake. On a sunny day, the shoals are very easy to spot from a distance. Enjoy your trip, it is a gorgeous lake.
  8. I'd carry at all times if allowed. How we ever got to the point in this country where we cannot protect ourselves...
  9. Negative...The Ontario Reg's state clearly that I require an Ontario Resident License to fish the Ottawa River, however the ignorant power-tripping Quebec CO's that patrol the Ottawa River do not recognize the Ontario Reg's, they only enforce the Quebec Reg's, and good luck trying to discuss it with them. One too many "discussions" with these meatheads (to the point they showed me their large sidearms when I tried to show them the Ontario Reg's), now when I see them approaching the hammer goes down on the ETEC and I run. I expect the nonsense with regard to the Quebec live bait B-S enforcement will only be worse this year on the river. This, and the over-zealous OPP enforcement are the reasons I stick to the lakes in my area from mid-June until September, even though I live on the Ottawa River. Its just not worth the hassle anymore.
  10. My fiance and I love fishing lily pads & weeds for largemouth, we aren't tournament fishermen,only for fun. We've had good success on the southern end of Lake Dore and Constant Lake, but would like to try a new area this summer. I've heard that there are areas like this near the Westmeath launch ramp on the Ottawa River? Or is it closer to Lapasse? We live on the Pembroke-Rolphton stretch of the Ottawa River and I'm not too familiar with that area below Pembroke. Can anyone verify this?
  11. My gawd Ironmaker, that is incredibly generous of you! I will pass this on to him tomorrow at work, and will be in touch with you via PM shortly. I just recently met this fellow at work, and he has been very supportive of me in a new position I have there, and this happens to him and his family. You feel like I do...I hate that this happened and want to try and help him out. I agree, it is beautiful country here, on both sides of the river (Quebec). There is never a shortage of things to do, great fishing, awesome snowmobiling, and the ATV'ing and fishing is incredible on the Quebec side (that's where we were Saturday). The Ottawa River in this area is a great fishery and very scenic. Amazing history in this area, I enjoy reading up on the logging that went on back in the day. I actually work at the "plant", now unfortunately owned/operated by an American consortium, privatized from AECL (thanks to the neanderthal previous government and our useless MP). If my job exists when I reach retirement, I have no plans to leave here. Very peaceful!
  12. A co-worker recently had a devastating fire that destroyed his family’s home and garage, thankfully the all were able to escape the blaze without injury. If the fire had started an hour later when they were in bed the result would have been terrible. It will be a long road back for them. My co-worker is also a fisherman, and unfortunately lost all his gear in the fire. I’ve lent him some gear and rods so he can get out fishing in the short-term. The question I have for the OFC’ers is the possible replacement of an old “banjo rod and reel” that was lost in the fire. It uses steel line, and is used for deep water trolling, typically for lakers. It has a two-handed grip with an aluminum bracket, the second grip has a mechanical lever that controls the drag via a leather pad on the reel. The one that my co-worker had was in pristine condition, and he used it often at his camp near Temagami. His house insurance will cover the cost, the difficulty will be in finding one…I feel bad for him and would like to try and help him out. My question is, would any of you have one for sale, or know of one that the owner would consider selling?
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