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  1. I got this picture from the site last year!

    I don't get on the ice as much these days but catching perch like that runs through my veins. Looks like some good ice for some time to come.

  2. That's one heck of a load of Big Perch.

  3. My #1 tip for hard water fishing is GO LIGHT - 4 lb test and SMALL jigs. Where you're going there will be a good bite so minnows and jigs work fine. When we fished Oneida Lake in Syracuse NY (large perch & Walleye), the bite would get real slow mid day. We had a good system that coaxed them in called "rocking the bobber". Basically you fish with a 1/2 oz sinker on the bottom. About 12" above you tie a small taerdrop jig with a mousy grub or maggot. About 10" above there we tied a plastic May Fly nymph with a couple more mousies. We were fishing 20-24' so we'd drop in and with the line tight between the sinker resting on the bottom and your rod tip above the hole, you lower the line about 2", so the only weight pulling down is the small baited teardrop jig. (the sinker already resting on the bottom). Then we made a slip loop in the line about 2" above water level andpulled it tight on a 1/2" length of thin rubberband. Hook a small (1/2") bobber just below the rubber band with the clip open, so the line can slide through but the rubber band catches on it. The slight weight of the baited ice jig will keep the line pulling slightly against the bubber. (A good bite will take it right under) But when they were finiky, we would just "rock the bobber" very slightly, every few seconds, a little less each time, wait, then start lightly rocking the bobber ever so slightly. Sometimes the bobber would barely move on it's side, but when you set the hook you had them. It works great when there is a lite bite or mid day in slow conditions. When you reel in the rubber band goes right in on the spool. And when you drop back in the sinker get's it down in a hurry back to the fish zone. Maybe bring an extra thermos of tea for comfort. Have fun!
  4. Considering you were enjoying fishing for the day, and the other two guys were about making you stop enjoying fishing, you might next trip tell them you believe you are fishing public waters and unless they have some document stating you can't fish there, to tell them you're staying and they are welcome to call the OPP for any necessary clarification. Too bad they would even care if you're out there fishing.
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