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  1. Hey Guys and Gals, I’ll be fishing a walleye tournament with a few guys on Bark Lake in the Madawaska / Barry’s Bay are this weekend. Any tips would be greatly appreciated as I’m basically flying blind. Thanks in advance, Tim
  2. Hey Guys and Gals, I'm heading to Arrowhead Provincial Park with the fam and some friends. I’m considering bringing the big boat (17.2 Smokercraft with 90 Merc and riggers) to tour some other lakes in the area (Bernard maybe??) as no motors allowed in this park. Alternatively, I may just bring the canoe and fish the park’s lake for bass but I’d love to get into some trout. What would you do? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance, T
  3. I'll be camping at Presquile this weekend. As wet as things have been, it's not my first choice of long weekend adventures but I couldn't get out of it. The kids were pumped about it and so I've been guilted into it. I will have the boat with me to keep me occupied. Any idea how the fishing is in the main lake nearby? I've got a few riggers on a 17 1/2 foot deep v smokercraft. Worth venturing out to rig if the winds cooperate? Or should I stick nearby shore and hope for pike and walleye? Any advice is appreciated. T
  4. Hi guys and gals, I'll be fishing a walleye tournament on Lake Nosbonsing this weekend. It's nothing big, just a dozen or so guys. I'm looking for a little inside knowledge on this lake as I've never fished it before. Any help on spots, lures or patterns would be greatly appreciated. We'll be staying at the Big Moose Camp for the weekend. Thanks in advance. Tim
  5. Thx guys. Hopefully I'll have something to post when I get back!
  6. Hey Guys and Gals, I'll be heading to the Azul Ixtapa Grand Spa and Convention Center next week. I'm looking for any info regarding shore fishing nearby and/or advice on local charters. I've done a lot of this in Cuba and the Dominican Republic, but I've never been to this area. Any first hand advice at all would certainly help. Thanks in advance. T
  7. Am I allowed to use dead bait on that lake? If so, what size herring were you using and where can I pick some up?
  8. I managed to find a Cannon Downrigger (20$ at a garage sale) to sub for the makeshift one that I had made. Now that I'm all set up, does anyone have any info on the lake (Kioshkokwi). Recommendations on lure choices, depths, or locations (for lakers) is what I'm looking for. Thanks in advance. Tim
  9. Thanks for the suggestions and replies. The idea of checking the ball depth with the fishfinder should work well. I've also considered marking the line (using white out or nail polish) every ten feet. I have a small rigger ball (not sure of the weight but its the next size down from the standard size, I think about half as heavy). It should work fine as the rigger line is low diameter (100lb power pro) and the motor won't move me too fast. I plan on using (and have in the past) used standard rigging clips, and I may use a stacker, although I don't want to over-complicate things. As far as the outrigger suggestion goes and getting it caught in the motor, I don't think it will be necessary. As you can see the motor mounts on the left side of the mount in the picture and the rigger line threads though the loops to the opposite side. The torque placed on the boats axis by the trolling motor is actually minimal considering how heavy it is, likely because of how far towards the back of the canoe it sits (behind me). Any weight of the rigger ball, will only act to offset this torque as it sits on the opposite side. I'll set the drag on the reel loose enough for safety purposes. I will look into buying a small line counter. I think it would be cool to use. I hope to have something to post when we get back, if nothing more than that it worked. Tim
  10. Hey Guys, I'll be camping at Kiosk Campground at the top of Algonquin in a few weeks. With portages into speck lakes looking like a difficult prospect (heavy canoe and no help) I've designed this electric motor bracket for the canoe that will double as a downrigger. It locks on to the canoe really well but I've yet to try the rigger. The lake there apparently has lakers down deep. Has anyone tried this before? I'd appreciate any suggestions or advice. Tim
  11. Hey All, Just got back from fishing Arrowhead Provincial Park. While beautiful, fishing the lakes themselves was somewhat disappointing with a few bass caught here and there. The best fishing that we experienced was was at the foot of Stubbs Falls. Drifting a worm under a float (steelhead style) produced 1-3 lb bass one after another while a spinner cast downstream produced a surprise snot rocket. Action was non-stop which was just what I was looking for with four kids (and one rookie adult) to entertain. I'd like to do one more trip that's a little more scenic, hopefully where I can get into some brookies, bows, or lakers, and possibly see a moose or two. Once again, we'll have a canoe. I've done some research on Kiosk, Brent, Tea, Cannisbay, Mew, Pog, Kearney, Lake of two rivers, Rock and Coon. Lakes. While I recognize the best trout fisheries are on the interior, this is not yet an option with two small kids in tow. Any first hand info on these lakes/parks or suggestions as to where to go would be greatly appreciated. Fortunately, my dates (mid to late August) are still available for all these sites. Thanks T
  12. Hey all, I'm heading up to Arrowhead Provincail Park with the wife and kids this weekend. All indications are that the fishing is ok but not great. I'm told the main lake has bass and the smaller lake (Mayflower) has rainbows and possibly specks, although I'm not holding my breath. We'll have a canoe and lots of energy. Any hints on how to make this a great weekend (fishing or otherwise) would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. T
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