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  1. I have been posting this message in all forums that I am a member of, and also signing up in new ones to post this same message. It is the most important message we will ever have, to pass on in our lifetimes. Our word will forever change if we don't fight!!! Yes this is another "Asian Carp" thread. Yes, it is our job as members of the Michigan Sportsman to read and sign every single petition we hear of, to close the Chicago Chicago Sanitary/Shipping Canal. This is the only thing we can do!!! I have grown up fishing. I was never involved in hockey, football, baseball, or soccer. While other kids were at arena's and stadiums, I was on the water catching walters. If we do nothing, than we leave a world that our children will never know or understand. This is no joke people!!! It gets more real every single day that goes by and that canal is wide open!!! Last I checked (which was about 3 years ago) We have over 23,000 Michigan Sportsman members. Those are numbers that can make a real difference! I am sure that those number are even higher now. We must band together with clubs and websites form other states and provinces in Canada to convince the US government that this is a matter of not only not just financial and sport fishing. But these fish will destroy the Great lakes for our children, and their children! I know that everyone is hoping that this mess will go away by itself, but it won't. And sitting back on your asses will not do anything. We are all outdoorsman. We all love fishing and hunting. These fish will change everything we know within 10 to 15 years time. The time is now. Stand up for what you believe in! Do whatever you can. Contact your representative in government. Sign as many petitions as you can get your hands on! This is a very real problem people. And it is knocking on our front door. I truly hope that all the members here will not just dismiss this as a "rant" or some kind of "hype". This is our children's future if we let government and "big buisness" win, where we do stand. We will lose if we do nothing! PLEASE do your part!!! Here is another petition... This one is by the Attorney General in Michigan. http://www.stopasiancarp.com/ Since big business is what is keeping the canal open, maybe big business can help to close it? As we all know, Bass Pro Shop has a lot to lose if the fishing industry goes south here in the great lakes. Here is an e-mail I fired off to them a few minutes ago. I'm sure that they have a lot more to lose than the average Joe. I encourage everyone to do all that they can! I am truly frightened about this! I have a new kid coming into this world this summer and I would love to teach them the ways I've grown up with. If these fish take over, I will fish no longer. Please do all you can! Call everyone! Contact everyone! E-mail everyone!!!!!!!! Here is the e-mail..... Dear Sir or Madam, I was wondering what BPS was doing to influence the US government to close the Chicago shipping canal? It will most definately mean that most/all of your stores surrounding the great lakes will close if the Asian Carp get past the electronic barrier that is in place. Once the carp get into lake Michigan in significant numbers, all sport fishing will cease to exist for the rest of my, and my children's natural lifetimes. Weather you are a sales associate, a manager, or the owner of the company... You will all be out of a job, and closing up shop in 10 years time if you don't commit to stopping the flow through the Chicago canal. Big business and money is what is preventing the US government from closing the canal. Big business and money (particularly BPS money), can also influence the US government to close it. I would very much appreciate a response to this e-mail to set me straight on where Bass Pro Shop stands on this issue. Thanks you for your time. It is running out. Derek Laporte
  2. Thanks for posting that! I was on that site a while back and couldn't remember what or where it was. That will keep me occupied for a while until I can get a hard copy. Thanks again.
  3. Was wondering if anyone here has a good top map of the park and surrounding area? The one they sell in the stores along the river. I will pay you for a good laminated copy. The park office is closed for the season and I would like to spend the winter staring at it to plan a canoe trip for my daughter and I this June. She asked to take a trip just the two of us before the baby comes. Talk about a good feeling to have my kid ask me that! I am so very lucky to have such a wonderful daughter!!! Anyhow the map... would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. These fish are no more polluted than the fish you buy at the grocery store. Unless you happen to buy farm raised fish. Walleye and perch are hauled up in Lake Erie. Guesse what drains into Erie... the Detroit River. Not to mention all the polutants that have already made their way down from the St. Clair river. IMO Lake Ontario (where alot of you guys fish) is the most polluted lake of them all since it's at the end of the line.
  5. Well We definately faired better this evening than I did this morning. Caught the big skunk this morning. But we busted out the jigging sticks instead of the handlines. Fished the mud-line out in front of Alter rd.. Launched at Windsor about 6:15, fishing by 6:30. Blue/white jig-heads, watermelon and silver FinnS minnows. Boated 8 nice fish by 8:00 and off the water by 8:15. Lost a few on the way up too. My buddy Mike and I agreed that we did better than we expected to. Would have stayed to limit out but Mike didn't have any lights on his trailer to tow it home in the dark. Alter Rd. is US waters so limit on the river in US water is 5 fish in the spring. Would have fished Canadian water where the limit is 6 but it was way too dirty from the high west winds we've had for the last week.
  6. Happy B-day! It's time for your spankings!
  7. Found the news story. Watch the video. http://www.wxyz.com/
  8. A 52 year old man didn't return from fishing yesterday. He was supposed to go to work after fishing and never showed. Then whenhe didn't come home his wife calle police. Coast gaurd called off the search at dark today. All his gear has been found but not him. Send your prayers to his family.
  9. Water temp is 32 degrees and like 15 feet visibility. SUper clear. The fish are slow and spooky this time of year down here. Besides the fact that the ice flows kept me at bay from the early spring honey hole.
  10. Down in the southern states, catfish is all they eat.
  11. This must be the "you know you're a redneck when..." thread.
  12. What a beautiful day down here in Windsor today. Sunny and 22 out. I was forced to put the boat in and do a little fishing. The only thing I caught was a sunburn on my face, but I can't remember the last sunburn I was this happy to receive. Check out the satellite pic's of Lake St. Clair. Breaking up fast now. http://coastwatch.glerl.noaa.gov/modis/mod...ie.143.250m.jpg
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