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  1. got some great replies already. thanks very much.
  2. Hello Wondering if anyone has sent their kids to the camp and can offer feedback?Thanks very much
  3. Wondering if anyone has been on the Bruce County area lakes this week after the rain and mild spell. Ice conditions?
  4. Went to Arran this aft. Caugt some small ones. Some slush on top but good ice underneath. Did not find the bite hot for us. PPl beside got a nice pike though.
  5. I am in Bruce county and if any others are from the area I would appreciate a pm re: Ice conditions on some North Bruce lakes. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the info. We are thinking of it giving it a try this winter very soon. Can you bring salted minnows there?
  7. I have never fished Simcoe befores and have no hut. Are huts a must? Strong winds there??Thanks guys.
  8. Hi there I am fishing a Huron trib that is not mentioned in the regs. How far upriver can I fish, for how long, what is open? We caught a coho and a rainbow and released both today. Thanks very much, I find them somewhat confusing because we are new to this river fishing.
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