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  1. I'm definitely leaning toward this route. I'll save my DeWalt's life and just use it for the household tasks. I love this drill, but it's just not built to cut 8" holes into black ice.
  2. There is a HUGE difference between making a 6 inch hole and an 8 inch hole in terms of how much power is used on a drill! There is nothing wrong with the gas lines... those have already been replaced. the air leak is past the gas lines. I can not get the gas lines primed because of the air leak. the spark plug and carb are fine. also the gas power head did not overheat.
  3. You answered your own question! lol. seems that all of the new jiffy's are junk?!?! There is an air leak (again) somewhere up past the fuel lines. I've had it in, and the guy couldn't fix it. I had an older model Jiffy years ago that i didn't really have any problems with. sold that to "upgrade" to a 10" auger. Whoops!!! The new auger has been nothing but problematic. I've had it in to repair 3 times and the thing probably hasn't even punched 50 holes.
  4. I hear ya... i'd much rather do the battery power option... was just seeing if there was an alternative out there where i could still utilize my 10" jiffy blade.
  5. Yeah, after using the drill and bit combo a few times, i can see how it could be a little dangerous. caution will be used!!!
  6. Thanks for all the input guys. i guess my jiffy blade will not transfer to another power head, i was not aware that it was a counter clockwise turn. what a bunch of jerks! lol I have been using my DeWalt 20V Max Li-Ion drill paired with my 8" fin-bore III. it works well enough... but i was on simcoe this past saturday and that much ice is really hard on the drill. started to overheat during drilling the second hole. keep in mind, Simcoe does have close to 30 inches of ice right now.. so take it for what it is.
  7. I have a Jiffy power head that obviously doesn't work (cause they are all garbage these days), and i don't particularly want to put the money into getting it fixed again if it's just gonna break down again after a few holes - It has already been in for repairs 3 times. the last time they could not fix the problem. i know stores like Home Depot will sell Power heads for Earth augers. has anyone tried these out on the ice? i would obviously be putting my 10" Jiffy auger blade on the new power head for drilling through ice... just wondering if that is even an option. I would think as long as the auger blade fits on the power head - and drills the proper direction, it shouldn't be a problem??? any and all advice is welcome! Thanks in advance!
  8. Beautiful! Thank you Sir! Not going out too far, just gonna do the perch thing. just don't want to walk if i don't have to. hahaha
  9. Hi Guys, Anyone have any updates on the snow conditions on Simcoe? Are any trucks out on the ice? Thinking of going out from Beaverton tomorrow AM and was wondering if trucks are able to get out there. Thanks!
  10. thanks guys! precautions will be taken. gloves, mask, upwind, outdoors! haha. i know those fumes can lead to deadly health issues later on. appreciate the advice! and suggestions on where to collect!
  11. Anyone know where i can find scrap lead? preferably in the GTA. gonna be melting it down to pour some weights. any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  12. i was about to post the same thing! wasp flew into my beer bottle a couple years ago. took a sip, BAM! my entire tounge was numb for a week.
  13. The Following lures are NOT FOR SALE, however, i painted these lures and would like to make that service available to others... maybe you have an old lure that needs a new look... or the manufacturer just doesn't have a pattern that you want for a certain lure that you like... how about a discontinued colour pattern that you can't find anymore... here are a few samples of what i have done recently... i used a few of these before i took the picture, so there is some hook rash and teeth marks on some... Send me your ideas for the patterns that you would like to see on your favourite lures... Prices will vary for different patterns and baits. please PM me for price quotes. Thanks for looking!
  14. Thanks Matt, I will take you up on that! Talk to you soon!
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